19 Best Black Watches for Men 2023: Badass Tickers to Add Some Edge to Your Wrist

The best black watches for men all share one thing in common, and it’s not the fact that they’d look right at home on Darth Vader’s nightstand. From Rick Owens to Johnny Cash to Tom Ford, some of the most stylish dudes in history have favored the monochrome look, and helped to establish once and for all that black-on-black is anything but boring. Aside from the endorsements of these menswear giants, an infusion of black into your closet makes a lot of sense for practical reasons, too. Not only do essential pieces like black jeans, biker jackets, and sneakers make a statement, they also seamlessly integrate into the rest of your wardrobe.

As it happens, the same is true when it comes to watches, and a sleek black ticker is a sure bet to pair with everything from your 9-to-5 fits to your workout gear. Just as there’s a black suit for every style and budget, the huge range of affordable black watches for men means you’re guaranteed to find one you love. From beefy digital G-Shocks to refined three-hand classics to sporty chronographs, here’s where to start.

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