2024 NFL Draft grades, Round 4: Patriots get A+ for Javon Baker; Giants earn B+ for filling TE need

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Want to know what I think of every pick made in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft? You can follow along below throughout the day Saturday as I grade all the Round 4 picks as well as the other three rounds below. 

Be sure to refresh this page throughout the weekend to get the latest grades. If you want to do all that plus track the best available prospects and get access to every pick in the draft on one page, you can in our draft tracker. And follow along with each pick in our live blog and all the trades in our trade tracker.

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101. Panthers: Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas

Grade: B

Big recruit who produced at Texas and is a smooth mover. Good, not amazing YAC and not a pure speed type. Minimal blocking chops. Reasonable weapon for Bryce Young but lacks burst so will have to get schemed up to get most of his catches in the NFL.

102. Broncos: Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Grade: A+

Lean, effortless speedster with impressive flexibility to get in and out of his breaks. Complete wideout after the catch and tracking it but not a contested-catch type and because of his ultra-skinny frame, is bothered by physicality. Cheap trade up cost too. Excellent. 

103. Patriots: Layden Robinson, IOL, Texas A&M

Grade: B+

Mashing guard who plays more athletically than his workout. Tremendous burst off the snap on a routine basis. Could add more strength at the next level. Serious length but hands are late often. Nastiness is there for the run and pass protection. Upside blocker. 

104. Cardinals: Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, S, Texas Tech

Grade: A-

Rocket of a center fielder. Range, explosion type. His athletic profile is more impressive than his overall coverage instincts. Alley-running is special. High-end ball skills too. Sound tackler. This is an instant starter with upside. 

105. Chargers: Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama

Grade: C+

Classic Nick Saban defensive lineman. Two-gapping extraordinaire with thick, powerful frame. Good first-step quickness but won’t be a calling card to win as a pass rusher consistently in the NFL. Not a pass-rush move type. Higher floor than upside. Limited role. 

106. Titans: Cedric Gray, LB, North Carolina

Grade: A-

One of the younger prospects in the class who comes with plenty of experience. More fluid in coverage than he is with sheer explosion and range to the football against the run. Has to improve beating blocks in traffic en route to the football. Long limbs. Upside is there. 

107. Giants: Theo Johnson, TE, Penn State

Grade: B+

Elite tester. Huge frame with intimidating length. Was low-volume option at Penn State but has the explosive chops to become a better receiver in the pros. Ironically not a great blocker despite his towering, filled-out body type. Has just enough short-area quickness to separate on occasion in the NFL. Easy drops on film but counters with contested catches.

108. Vikings: Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon

Grade: A

Alabama turned Oregon star. Reminds me of Xavien Howard as a prospect in that he’s a towering, physical CB with high highs and low lows. Tries to suffocate WRs at the line and reasonably effective doing so. Tackling is good. Quicker separators can get the best of him. Precisely a Brian Flores type. 

109. Falcons: Brandon Dorius, DT, Oregon

Grade: A-

Fun, twitchy and thick “tweener” who can literally win at any alignment along the defensive line. Isn’t the most sudden, nor the best with his hands but is so slippery between blockers. Overall athletic profile is impressive. Rushes can get too high, doesn’t play with much power. Can get washed out vs. the run. Has frame to add more weight. 

110. Patriots: Javon Baker, WR, UCF

Grade: A+

This is a future No. 1 wideout. While not a burner, he plays faster and has the complete skill set. Releases at the line are good, flexibility to get open at intermediate level, YAC prowess, and especially rebounding skills are high-end. 

111. Packers: Evan Williams, S, Oregon

Grade: B-

Not a tremendous athlete but does everything well that teams ask out of a multi-dimensional safety today. Keeps throttle down when flying to outside runs, will make an occasional play in coverage. Not a twitchy nickel type. Best in box or robbing middle of the field. Energy exudes from his playing style. Just not a big-time physical specimen. 

112. Raiders: Decamerion Richardson, CB, Mississippi State

Grade: A-

Long, sleek burner who will make plays on the football when he trusts his eyes. Lacks physicality at times and that hurts him when attempting to stop the run although when he gets to the football, he’s a very sure tackler. Smooth athlete in off-man and zone. This secondary needed this type of CB specimen. 

113. Ravens: Devontez Walker, WR, North Carolina

Grade: C+

Good-sized, well-proportioned downfield burner. Will take the lid off many defenses. Stiffness in his routes and didn’t run many in college. Will track it beautifully over his shoulder but not a confident rebounder. Doesn’t appear to be a natural hands catcher. Minimal YAC. Niche option that fits what this offense needs. 

114. Jaguars: Javon Foster, OT, Missouri

Grade: B+

College OT who has the frame to stay there but maybe not the overall athletic profile. Power and quick-setting skills shine. Can win ugly and importantly shows recovery skill. This is a smart investment. Just gets the job done on a routine basis.  

115. Bengals: Erick All, TE, Iowa

Grade: B

Experienced three-down TE with receiving confidence and production. Has the athleticism to get open on occasion in the NFL and has a flair for the spectacular grab in traffic. Route-running intricacies are a part of what he brings to the field and is a solid albeit unspectacular blocker. Doesn’t have serious seam-stretching speed. 

116. Jaguars: Jordan Jefferson, DT, LSU

Grade: D+

Classic wide-bodied DT who thrives against the run. Thick frame. Block-shedding skills are well-developed but has no pass-rush plans. Active on passing downs just rarely gets home. Length is a plus and he’s an above-average athlete for a future NT. Not a bad player just limited and this feels early. 

117. Colts: Tanor Bortolini, IOL, Wisconsin

Grade: C+

One of the freakiest athletes at the center spot in the class. Burst, bend, speed out on screens and reach blocks. That’s how he wins. Has to get drastically strong and hang onto blocks longer in the NFL. Hit or miss climbing to the second level. Arms are shorter. Upside is there but project-y. The type Indianapolis gravitates toward. 

118. Seahawks: Tyrice Knight, LB, UTEP

Grade: C+

Ridiculous length, high-energy off-ball LB. Would rather avoid blocks than fight through them. Often times they stick to him. Play recognition skills must improve in the NFL. Best as QB spy/blitzer than pure sink-in-coverage defender. Strong, assertive tackler and rarely misses. 

119. Steelers: Mason McCormick, IOL, South Dakota State

Grade: A

Six-year player at FCS with four full years of starting experience and it shows. Elite-level athlete with low pad level. Grip strength is tremendous. Balance could use some work. Anchor is solid but overall has to get stronger. But this is an assignment sound blocker with ideal frame and experience to thrive instantly. Love how Pittsburgh has rebuilt its OL. 

120. Dolphins: Jaylen Wright, RB, Tennessee

Grade: B-

More speed to Miami’s offense. Wright ran through some gaping holes at Tennessee but has high-end acceleration once he’s in the open field. Elusiveness is good, not amazing. Slashing style as opposed to jump-cut back. Would’ve liked to see another position addressed here, but Mike McDaniel will be happy. 

121. Seahawks: AJ Barner, TE, Michigan

Grade: A-

Sneaky well-rounded TE who wasn’t a major part of the passing offense at Michigan but flashed when featured. Not fast but changes gears and is flexible, so has separation ability. Textbook, solid blocker with power and great hand-placement consistency. Some YAC ability too because of contact balance. I like this add. 

122. Bears: Tory Taylor, P, Iowa

Grade: C-

Far and away the best punter in this class. Huge leg he showcased over multiple seasons and plenty of experience. Inside the 20 he’s money too. But is this the best allocation of one of Chicago’s four picks in this draft? No. 

123. Texans: Cade Stover, TE, Ohio State

Grade: B+

One of the grittiest, blue-collar TEs in the class. Will really get after it as a blocker and move people on occasion. Reasonable athletic gifts and pass-catching prowess. May never be a Pro Bowl TE but will likely play for the next decade. 

124. 49ers: Malik Mustapha, CB, Wake Forest

Grade: B+

Smaller, squattier, major athlete at the safety spot. Wore a lot of hats and wore most of them well in college. Quicker than fast but plays with great balance in his backpedal which allows him to erupt out of it in a flash. Very willing and aggressive in run support. Tackling must improve and not super rangy. 

125. Buccaneers: Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon

Grade: A

Bad testing figures — despite reasonable speed — but one of the most elusive, hard-to-corral RBs over the last few drafts. Smaller stature. Decent contact balance too. Weapon in the receiving game, and of course, out in space. Fun addition. 

126. Lions: Giovaanni Manu, OT, British Columbia

Grade: C-

Mountain of a man with flashes of incredible burst at his size but overall flexibility and athletic profile is lacking. Of course will take time to translate to the stronger competition level but the length and burst make him a fascinating project. Hand work needs to improve and not overly aware of complex blitzes. 

127. Eagles: Will Shipley, RB, Clemson

Grade: C+

Jack of all trades master of none. Works diligently between the tackles and has decent wiggle. Not overly elusive. Speed is a plus. And he’s very useful out of the backfield as a receiver. 

128. Bills: Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky

Grade: C

Compact, older RB with plus stop-start ability, married to his feet well. Can deploy multiple cuts in a run to make defenders miss. Good, not amazing overall elusiveness though. Quicker than fast too. Will work hard to fight through contact. Has the skills to be fine complementary RB in NFL. 

129. 49ers: Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville

Grade: B-

Big RB with elite speed. Will run away from many NFL DBs when he’s in the open field. Just not a lateral-quick’s type. Ideal in Kyle Shanahan’s offense but will have to receive quality blocking to succeed. 

130. Ravens: T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State

Grade: B

Physical, in-your-face boundary CB without premier athleticism or downfield speed. Plus awareness when the ball is arriving. Not a sound tackler. Understands how to use his bigger body when he can’t mirror perfectly. Very Ravens pick. 

131. Chiefs: Jared Wiley, TE, TCU

Grade: B+

Older prospect at TE with the athletic chops to get open at all three levels and threaten the seam. Not a major YAC type. Not much of a blocker, needs to get stronger overall. More smooth than explosive. Large catch radius he showcases in traffic. 

132. Lions: Sione Vaki, RB, Utah

Grade: C+

Fire-hydrant safety. Goes 100 mph every play. Quickness and instincts stand out. Wasn’t a big ball hawk in college but not totally inept in that regard. Tiny frame and shorter arms than what’s normally desired. Can play anywhere. Also has some running back ability too. Strong tackler. Expensive trade up dips this grade a bit. 

133. Chiefs: Jaden Hicks, S, Washington State

Grade: A+

Large, intimidating safety who comes with the full skill set. Can cover tight ends. Deliver big hits over the middle. Make plays on the football with decent regularity. And he tackles well. Awesome addition to Chiefs secondary. Best closer to the line of scrimmage. My top safety in this class. 

134. Jets: Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin

Grade: B+

Not a freaky specimen athletically but enormous RB with loads of experience. One of the youngest prospects in the entire class. Game is predicated on between-the-tackles vision and effortless power through contact. Not elusiveness or speed. Best pass pro RB in the class. 

135. 49ers: Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

Grade: A-

Tiny, pesky wideout who plays bigger than his size after the catch and possesses the short-area quicks and moments of speed to separate at all three levels. Tiny catch radius. Occasionally will deploy a crazy cut without losing much speed. Physicality can overwhelm him. Fun new type in this SF offense. 

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