4 Easy Ways Sellers Can Stage Their Houses Themselves at Little Cost

Of course you would like seller clients to have their homes professionally staged if you think it needs it. But sometimes homeowners will not want to spend the money or agree to make drastic changes to rooms, especially if they are living there. Creative agents can at least make suggestions that cost little, but either brighten up rooms or cover up eyesores for when prospective buyers visit. Here are four such ideas to present to clients—even if you have to pay the freight yourself. 

Curtains call

Heavy drapes, drab-colored curtains and/or just plain tired window treatments can cast a pall on a room, even ones lit well. New, light-colored replacements can be purchased inexpensively and can transform the space visually. They don’t have to be utilized in every room, just the major ones, especially on the main floor.

Rerouting routers

Computers are part of practically all homes, and they’re not going to be hidden away when buying hopefuls visit. Some home offices look great, while others may be cluttered with routers, hard drives and wires everywhere. If it’s the latter for your client, they can likely be placed in a box or less-conspicuous location without much trouble.

Creative cabinets

Dark kitchen cabinets in an older home are probably not a selling point, and they’re unlikely to be replaced just for the showing. But what can be replaced are the knobs and handles, with sleek, modern ones. They’re inexpensive, easy to install and can make a subtle but important difference in the home’s presentation.

Mirror, mirror

An interior designer’s trick to make smallish rooms appear bigger is to reflect light with a strategically placed mirror. It makes a room more open, bright and airy. Often co-op and condo rooms have floor-to-ceiling mirrors for that purpose, but just one hanging mirror can do the trick most of the time.

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