4 Reasons Buyers Should Visit a Home Often Before Committing

Love at first sight is all well and good in a movie, but when it comes to buying a house there’s no such thing. Or shouldn’t be, anyway. And it’s the REALTORS® job to make sure a client knows everything possible about a house—good and bad. Yes, your client will have the house inspected, but why not be proactive and check what they can themselves? Here are four reasons to view a house in person as often as possible before committing to buy it. And to visit not just days but nights as well.

Noise. A buyer won’t be able to learn every audible sound at a house the first time there, but with multiple visits they’re likely to hear if barking dogs live close, if neighbors are noisy late at night, if people are outside talking early or late, and more. Are kids practicing musical instruments for hours at a time that you can hear? These are important questions that buyers need to know.

Indoor layout. It’s impossible to tell from one visit what it will be like living in a newly purchased house. Do the rooms flow well for you? Are there stairs that could be problematic for you or kids? Are the bedrooms in the right places? Is there enough storage space? Clients should know a house’s layout by heart before making a bid on it.

Little things. Only by multiple visits can you suss out stuff needing fixing or replacing. What shape is the bathroom tile in? Do all the outlets work? Do doors and windows open, close and lock properly? Spend time in each room with a notebook. If possible, turn on every appliance and run every water source to make sure drains are unclogged.

Neighbors. It’s amazing how often people buy houses with no idea who the neighbors are. The more visits made to a house for sale the more likely you will encounter neighbors, especially on weekends, when most people are home. Those buying a condo/coop should meet others living there, especially directly above and below them.

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