All New Maruti Swift Scores 4 Stars In J-NCAP Crash Test [Video]

Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch the next-generation model of its popular hatchback, the Swift, in India. The official launch is expected to happen next month. The hatchback was already available for sale internationally, and several videos of it can be found online. We now have new reports that show how this new hatchback performed in a crash test. The all-new Swift scored a 4-star rating in the Japan NCAP crash test.

The video has been shared by the Cruise Control YouTube channel. In this video, we see the crash test along with several other tests to check the accuracy of the ADAS features that the Japanese version gets. The video starts by showing the front collision at 55 km/h. After this, the Swift’s active safety features like automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and rear collision alert are tested. The car passed all these tests without any issues.

After this, the same tests are carried out with a dummy cyclist. The car detects both the cyclist and pedestrian – both adult and child – in daylight and after dark. Even after the driver’s vision was blinded by the high beam from a vehicle in the opposite direction, the Swift’s ADAS managed to apply brakes just before hitting them.

These tests were conducted at speeds between 50-60 km/h. After testing the ADAS features, the car is tested for frontal and front side collisions at 55 and 64 km/h respectively. At the end, a side impact test was conducted on the new Swift. In all these tests, the front of the hatchback was damaged; however, the pillars seemed intact.

Swift crash test
Swift crash test

The airbags deployed on time in all the collisions. The front and curtain airbags opened during the side collision test. The test seen here is different from the ones conducted by Bharat NCAP or Global NCAP. It looks like Suzuki has worked on the build quality of the car, and the upcoming Swift is expected to score well when it comes to India.

The exact findings of the Japan NCAP tests reveal that all the autonomous driver assistance features worked well on the car, helping it score 5 stars. The full wrap-frontal collision, off-set frontal collision test, and passenger seat belt reminder test scored 4 stars. In the side collision and neck injury protection for both driver and passenger, as well as pedestrian leg protection performance tests, the Swift scored 5 points. The overall score of the all-new Swift was calculated as 4 stars. It scored 117.80 out of 197 points.

The all-new Swift, when it comes to India, is going to skip on a lot of features, including the ADAS. The Maruti Swift will come with the exact exterior design as the international variant. The interior is also expected to look the same.

Swift crash test
Swift crash test

The hatchback will come with a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine that is tuned for better efficiency and performance in the city. The Z12E series engine is expected to get mild hybrid tech, which Maruti offers in its other models.

The hatchback will be offered with 5-speed manual and AMT gearbox options. Maruti might also offer a series hybrid technology with the new Swift at a later stage. This technology will be first introduced with the Maruti Fronx. Some Maruti dealerships have already started accepting bookings for the new Swift unofficially.

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