Archetyp chair by Jasper Morrison for Nikari

Dezeen Showroom: British designer Jasper Morrison has created a chair that is “both familiar and simultaneously fresh” for Finnish furniture brand Nikari.

The Archetyp chair is a minimally designed wood-frame chair with an upholstered seat and back.

Archetype chair by Nikari
The chair is available in sizes suitable for lobbies and lounge areas

It is available in two sizes – a slightly smaller version intended for use in lobbies, and a larger one better suited to lounge areas.

Morrison and Nikari created the Archetyp chair as a subtly more refined version of a standard – or archetypal – lounge chair.

Red Archetyp chair by Nikari
Morrison described the chair as an update to a well-known design archetype

“In updating this well-known archetype of upholstered armchair with wooden frame, we’ve tried to lighten the structure and give it the appearance of something both familiar and simultaneously fresh and of its time,” explained Morrison.

“Nikari’s reputation for faultless craftsmanship allows the design to transcend ordinary everyday character, giving the design the edge it needs to perform in well-thought architectural surroundings.”

Product details:

Product: Archetyp chair
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Brand: Nikari
Contact: [email protected]

Material: oiled birch, ash or oak
Dimensions: 630 x 600 x 750/450 millimetres (lobby), 650 x 700 x 730/420 millimetres (lounge)

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