Bengaluru Couple Rides Scooter With Child Standing On Footrest [Video]

The majority of people in India rely on two-wheelers to commute, as buying a car is still considered a luxury. We often use scooters or bikes to commute inside the city to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Seeing people break traffic rules on the road is not a new thing by any means. We have now come across a new video that has gone viral on the internet. In this video, we see a woman holding her son standing on the footrest while the scooter is in motion.


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The video seen here has been shared by What Now Media on their Instagram. The video was originally posted on Twitter, and it was probably picked up from there. In this video, we see a woman holding a kid on a moving scooter. The kid is actually not seated on the scooter but is standing on the foldable footrest of the scooter.

The person riding the scooter is cautiously taking turns to ensure that the kid doesn’t lose balance or slip from the footrest. There is currently no information about the person riding the scooter. However, the post assumes that it could either be the woman’s husband, elder son, or any other interested party.

The video, as mentioned above, was posted on X initially. As we all know, Bengaluru traffic police are quite active on social media, and they were quick to take action in this case too. We are not sure if the scooter was seized or if the cops simply issued a challan for this irresponsible behavior.

Kid standing on footrest
Kid standing on footrest

We all know how dangerous this is, and even a small mistake could have ended up in a tragedy. The kid could have easily fallen down on the road and got himself seriously injured. The kid is also blocking the view for the rider. Any vehicle could have easily hit them as the rider is unable to see the vehicles on the ORVM. We also see that the pillion is not wearing any helmet. We cannot confirm the same about the rider though.

We all know the importance of a riding helmet and how it saves you from head injuries in case of an accident. We found many people criticizing the parents and also supporting them in the comment section.

Some of the users wrote, “Kids quickly learn from their parents and their surroundings. This behavior impacts newer generations and once they are old enough, they will drive like chappies we see around.” “Police should arrest these guys…”

While others wrote, “How much do you bet the kid begged her mom to let him stand like that? Speaking from personal experience.” “I’m not surprised.” This is an extremely dangerous trend, and we would not want people to copy it at all. The woman was holding the kid tight, but that doesn’t mean you can let your kid stand on a moving vehicle like this.

Just like we have also seen several cases where parents allow their kids to stand out of the sunroof of a moving car. This is also extremely dangerous. We have seen several videos where standing out of the sunroof of a car has not ended well.

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