Best Apple deals at Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2024

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Amazon Prime Day is coming up soon and we’re already seeing some sizzling summer deals roll in. But we’ve been especially watchful for early Prime Day deals on Apple products. The retailer typically discounts Apple tech to some of its best prices of the year on Prime Day. And often, the Apple deals arrive earlier than Prime Day (July 16 and 17 this year).

So when we found these early Amazon Prime Day deals on AirPods, Apple Watches and other top-of-the-line Apple tech, we had to let our readers know. Amazon has slashed prices on many of our favorite Apple devices. Keep reading to see the best Apple deals you don’t have to wait for Amazon Prime Day to shop.

Best Apple AirPods deals you can shop right now

With a full lineup of premium smartwatches and headphones, including some that work great as gym headphones, Apple has earned its spot as one of the most popular brands among CBS Sports Essentials readers. Save up to 31% on Apple’s most advanced earbuds yet with these deals we found at Amazon.

Save 31% on Apple AirPods (2nd generation)

The entry-level second-generation Apple AirPods are on sale at Amazon for just $89. 

Featuring up to 24 hours of battery life with the included wired charging case and crystal clear audio, these are the best Apple AirPods you can get under $100. The second-generation AirPods are easy to set up and make it easy to switch between devices. Plus, they boast an IPX4 water resistance rating, which means they can stand up to a sweaty gym workout.

$89 at Amazon

Apple AirPods Max are $99 off at Amazon

Apple’s most luxurious headphones have to be the AirPods Max. These over-ear headphones feature a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions for exceptional comfort. They also come with spatial audio and the ability to switch seamlessly between active noise cancellation and a transparency mode depending on how much you want to tune out.

Right now, the AirPods Max are on sale at Amazon for $450 (reduced from $550).

$450 at Amazon

More great deals on Apple products ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Apple AirPods pair seamlessly with other Apple products, including the Apple Watch and Apple iPad. Here are some of the best early Prime Day deals on Apple tech to use along with your new earbuds.

Amazon dropped the price of the Apple Watch 9: Save $100

Featuring new and improved Siri Health functionality, a new double tap gesture and other cool upgrades, the Apple Watch 9 normally retails for $399 and up. But right now, shoppers can get the 41mm size at Amazon for as low as $299. (The larger 45mm size is available for $359 and up.)

The latest generation Apple Watch is a great choice for people who need to interact with their watch during workouts to check stats or start and stop timers. The hands-free functionality will seriously improve your workout experience so you can accurately log your activity without having to fuss with your watch.

$299 and up at Amazon

Get $34 off the Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple’s most prestigious smartwatch, the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 (49 mm) comes with the new Siri Health voice command features and the double tap gesture. Then it adds a few more cool upgrades on top of those. Aside from the brighter screen (3,000 nits!), one of our favorite upgrades is the customizable watch face.

Modular Ultra, the watch face on the new Ultra, lets you customize which metrics and performance data are displayed on your watch. Each widget on the face can be customized to display whichever data you need, so you don’t have to toggle between screens anymore. Everything you need to check is on one screen.

It also boasts improved depth and altitude tolerance. Dive down as far as 100 meters (about 325 feet) or scale mountains as high as 9,000 meters (about 29,500 feet) above sea level. Since the tallest peak on earth is Mount Everest’s 8,848-meter peak, that means you can take this to the top of literally any mountain on the planet.

The new built-in Depth app logs your dives and lets you review your most recent sessions on the watch. From your phone, you can see your complete dive history, complete with GPS pinpointed entry point.

The rugged and powerful Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also on sale right now at Amazon. Prices start at just $765 (reduced from $799). 

$765 at Amazon

Get the Apple Watch SE for $189

The new Apple Watch SE has become an even more attractive option for shoppers after the brand’s premium watch, the Apple Watch 9, was forced to disable its pulse oximeter due to patent violations. Without blood oxygen tracking, that’s one less differentiator between the models, making the lower-priced version an even more enticing option.

The second generation Apple Watch SE offers the same quality and seamless iPhone pairing as other models but without some of the more premium features you’d find in the Series 9 or Ultra 2. 

The 40 mm size of the Wi-Fi-only version of the smartwatch normally retails for $249, but we found the watch available for as low as $189 at Amazon.

$189 at Amazon

Save on the 10th-generation Apple iPad

One of our favorite tablets for the home gym, the 10th generation iPad features lightning-fast Wi-Fi, a crystal clear liquid Retina display, a powerful processing chip and tons of great apps built-in. That includes Apple Fitness+ and Apple Health, along with access to millions more apps in the App Store.

Flexible layouts make it easy to display multiple apps or widgets on one screen. Put your favorite HIIT timer app in one corner, a video of how to perform your exercise in another and reserve the rest of your screen for watching your favorite show.

Get the 10th generation Apple iPad at Amazon for just $324 (reduced from $449).

$324 at Amazon

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