Best of Mullin Blankfeld Group Vow to ‘Bring Out the Brilliance’

Above, Matthew Mullin, left, and Harvey Blankfeld

Frustrated by ‘something missing’ in the corporate structure, Matthew Mullin came to real estate after an unfulfilling start in equity research.

“My Dad had been in real estate at one point in his life, and I saw it as a much more personal experience,” said Mullin, CEO of the Mullin Blankfeld Group, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (BHHS) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Filled with a vision of transforming lives and building better business leaders, he came into the industry during the infamous downturn of 2008 – but found a great mentor, he said, in Mark Stark, then-owner of Las Vegas’s BHHS Americana.

The result was a team that grew to more than 200 agents, Mullin said, which sorely tested his personal commitment to deliver confidence and fulfillment, not just to his team, but to his family.

“As a leader, I knew what I wanted to do,” he said. “I just needed to find the right way to do it.”

Barbara Pronin: Sounds like you found yourself at a crossroads, Matthew. What did you do then?

Matthew Mullin: We broke up the team into several smaller ones, and I basically began again – but this time, I was clear on my vision and values, and how I could build and lead a team that was passionate about learning and serving. In 2023, I merged with my colleague Harvey Blankfeld, who I knew shared my core values, with him as Senior Partner and GM of Operations – and we hand-picked a team of 18 associates within the first 12 months. 

BP: How many people do you have now, and how are you organized as a team?

MM: We are now at 43, which is optimal and manageable. From the outset, our goal was to teach and coach and make the best use of everyone’s talent. We installed a team devoted to facilitating every aspect of the agent and consumer journey; a director of sales, an advertising and marketing director, a manager of member experience, and a manager of client experience.

BP: How is this working out in terms of production?

MM: Last year, we did $175 million in sales, 315 closings and $4.3 million in closed commissions. That puts us at Number Eight in the BHHS network and Number One on the West Coast. This year, we will double those numbers. 

BP: In what ways do you think your team does a better than average job for your customers?

MM: For one thing, every listing, in every price range, gets an exclusive 28-step marketing plan designed to push that listing in front of the maximum number of qualified buyers. That includes interactive 3-D tours, professionally designed HD commercials with aerial drone videos and stills, staged and dedicated open houses, and promotion on a custom webpage.

BP: Tell us a little more about your methodology. What do you look for in a team member?

MM: Our ideal members are committed to performing at a high level, both personally and professionally. They show up and engage every day with their families, co-workers, and clients, and they thrive on challenge. They take ownership, remain accountable, are willing to ask for help, and are dedicated to finding their own brilliance and bringing out the brilliance in others.

BP: That’s a tall order. How do you foster those qualities in a group as large as yours?

MM: Apart from monthly team meetings, we provide training sessions four days a week, digital support every day of the week, and collaboration as needed. They must participate in at least two group sessions a month and one personal development activity – and they are expected to close at least $3 million in gross sales volume in a 12-month period. These minimum standards are not negotiable. In the end, each individual contributes to the whole, just as they contribute to their families and communities.

BP: What causes does the group support?

MM: We are devoted to giving back to the communities we serve, and we like to support each other’s personal passions, which are mostly in the areas of child advocacy, family and fitness, and faith-based organizations – and we give not just funds but hands-on assistance.

BP: So, what have you learned through your own experience that you can share with other potential team leaders?

MM: Be clear on the mission and values that are important to you, and choose team members with similar mindsets and a commitment to learn and serve. Keep the size of the team at a number that is comfortable for you, and build in a back-office team devoted to elevating the agent and client experience. Everyone is accountable, but you must be the inspiration for your team’s unlimited growth.

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