Bitcoin & Ethereum Giants Shift Gears, Eye New Meme Coin Milei Moneda ($MEDA) for Portfolio Boost

● Investors flock to Bitcoin ETFs with over $100 million inflow, igniting bullish expectations.
● Anticipation for Ethereum’s ETF approval fuels optimism.
● Milei Moneda ($MEDA) gains traction with bullish potential.

The crypto market is abuzz with excitement as leading crypto coins Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) show signs of a significant price rally. As the crypto market anticipates surges from top crypto coins, another project swiftly garnering attention is Milei Moneda($MEDA). Let’s find out why!

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Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs See Surge in Investments as Bullish Momentum Builds

In a notable resurgence of interest, investors are once again flocking to Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) following a brief lull last week. According to BitMEX Research’s data, for the third consecutive day, more than $100 million has flowed into these popular new funds, signaling a renewed bullish sentiment in the market.

This notable uptick in Bitcoin’s inflow rate has directly impacted its price performance. Over the past seven days, Bitcoin (BTC) has witnessed a 9% price surge, with price projections pointing towards a sustained upward trajectory. Investors are closely monitoring these developments, anticipating further gains in the world’s best cryptocurrency.

Ethereum’s (ETH) ETF Approval Buzz Sparks Optimism and Bullish Predictions

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) has also gained significant traction as supporters and crypto enthusiasts eagerly anticipate a potential Ethereum ETF approval in May 2024. Predictions of approval rates as high as 70% have set a positive tone, with optimism reverberating throughout the market.

Looking ahead, the imminent approval of Ethereum’s (ETH) ETFs has sparked expectations of a price pump for the leading altcoin. Already the altcoin price has made a 6% increase in the last seven days. Market analysts predict that the bulls will retain control taking ETH’s price to new heights in the coming weeks.

Breaking Crypto News: Milei Moneda ($MEDA) Emerges as the DeFi Coin to Watch – Here’s Why!

While the crypto market and investors watch out for Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s incoming surge, another project that has cut their attention is Milei Moneda ($MEDA). The memecoin’s presale success of selling over 28 million tokens just a few weeks after its presale debut has truly attracted significant attention, placing $MEDA on the radar of top crypto analysts.

As crypto investors look out for Bitcoin’s surge and Ethereum’s potential ETF approval in May, they’re also closingly watching out for $MEDA’s official launch on Uniswap scheduled for May 21. With the DeFi coin price selling at $0.010 currently, investors are bound for a 100% ROI when $MEDA launches at its presale target price of $0.020. And that’s not all!

Aside from $MEDA’s impressive presale outlook, the memecoin’s deflationary feature is also fueling bullish expectations post its launch on Uniswap. Coupled with its growing popularity and recognition in DeFi, market analysts predict that $MEDA deflationary properties will give it the potential for a 100x price increase when it officially starts trading. This promising outlook has investors, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum giants, adding $MEDA to their portfolios.

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