Blockchain Publishing Platform Mon Protocol Enters Strategic Collaboration With Pixleverse

Image: Mon Protocol x Pixelverse

The symbiotic partnership aims at diversifying Mon Protocol’s portfolio and strengthening the Pixelverse gaming community. 

Announced Tuesday, Mon Protocol, the blockchain publishing protocol for gaming intellectual property (IP) and Web 3 games, is entering a strategic partnership with Pixelverse, a play-to-earn quest-based battler game built on the blockchain. The partnership will see Mon Protocol leverage Pixelverse’s gameplay, diversifying its gaming portfolio and adding to a list of top Web 3 games including Playground, Aether Games Inc., Moby, and Kokodi. 

On the other hand, Pixelverse will benefit from the growing Mon Protocol community, which boasts 1.1 million users, to strengthen its gaming community and extend its global reach. 

Notwithstanding, the partnership announcement also hinted at an upcoming airdrop for the Pixelverse token, $TPZ, targeting metric holders of MON. The overall plan for the airdrop is yet to be released but the process will be completed by offering active participants in the Pixelverse community and long-term holders of the $MON token priority during the airdrop. 

Speaking on rewarding their communities, Kirill Volgin, CEO of Pixelverse, said: 

“Our focus is on rewarding questers and early adopters with their first foray into cryptocurrency through engaging gameplay. This partnership aligns with our goal to provide an educational yet enjoyable introduction to the crypto world.”

Additionally, the airdrop also aims at offering players more opportunities to engage with the platform and gain rewards within the community. 

A symbiotic relationship in Web3 gaming

Powered by the $MON token, Mon Protocol allows users to publish Web 3 games and their IPs. The platform allows players to bring their favourite metaverses, players and characters on-chain, allowing them to experience the power of Web 3 gaming. 

The partnership with Pixelverse further directs the platform towards its goals as Pixelverse offers exposure to the wider gaming metaverse. Pixelverse transports players into an AI-dominated cyberpunk universe, offering a quest-based battler experience that encourages exploration, resource collection, and combat.

In addition, Pixelverse is gradually building strong communities across the Web 3 gaming industry, especially in emerging countries, which raised praise from the Co-founder of Mon Protocol, Giulio Xiloyannis. 

“Pixelverse’s web browser-based quest battler is showing promising market fit in emerging regions, reminiscent of the success seen with Axie Infinity and,” Giulio stated. “The gaming narrative has the potential to yield results in these regions, serving as a gateway for retail and mainstream users to enter the crypto space through play-to-earn mechanics.”

The partnership between the two will not only offer greater visibility across its communities but also help advance blockchain gaming across the globe, Volgin retorted. 

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