Coming This Week: BNCAP Rating Of Maruti Baleno, Brezza And Grand Vitara

After Tata Motors, the Indian car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has also sent their vehicles for safety ratings under the Bharat NCAP test. According to reports from Autocar Professional, the Indian manufacturer has sent the Baleno, Brezza, and Grand Vitara for testing, and all three models are expected to have achieved high scores. The test results for these Maruti models are expected to be published on May 8, 2024.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno facelift
Maruti Suzuki Baleno

This is not the first time Maruti cars have been tested for safety. Global NCAP has tested several Maruti models, most of which received poor scores. Under the Bharat NCAP crash test, cars are evaluated according to the Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 197. The crash tests evaluate vehicle performance and award ratings from 0 to 5 stars for adult occupants (AOP) and child occupants (COP).

According to the report, the Maruti Baleno, Grand Vitara, and Brezza were delivered to government authorities back in January 2023. These models also passed ARAI and Central Road Transport Institute testing regimes in March 2024. The government authorities have advised manufacturers to not wait until the code of conduct ends on June 4th and instead to go ahead with the crash test result announcement.

Grand Vitara
Grand Vitara

Maruti is India’s largest car manufacturer, currently offering 17 models. Out of these 17 models, Maruti has only sent 3 models for testing. The Maruti Brezza was previously tested by Global NCAP and received a 4-star rating. Other Maruti models, such as the Alto and K10, received only 2 stars for Adult occupant safety and zero for child protection.

Regarding the Bharat NCAP crash test, the test protocol aligns with international NCAP rating agencies. The crash test includes a front impact test (Offset deformable barrier), side impact test, and pole impact test (only for cars eligible for 3, 4, or 5-star ratings). The test speed is 64 km/h, similar to that of Global NCAP.

In addition to the crash tests, the rating system also considers safety features like the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), pedestrian protection measures for all vehicles, and features like seat belt reminders for the front. The future cars in India are likely to improve in safety with the new rating system.

Maruti Suzuki brezza
Maruti Suzuki Brezza

Structural rigidity of the vehicle and safety features are factors that many customers are considering lately when buying a new car. This is probably why Maruti decided to send some of their models for testing. Indian car manufacturers like Mahindra and Tata are known for their build quality.

The Bharat NCAP was launched in August last year, and since then Tata is the only manufacturer that has sent their cars for testing. Tata Harrier and Safari, both these SUVs, were sent for testing after the manufacturer launched the facelift. These SUVs passed the test with 5-star ratings. Unlike other Tata models, the Harrier and Safari were never tested by Global NCAP. Along with the Maruti Baleno, Brezza, and Grand Vitara, safety test scores for the Tata Punch ICE are expected to be published on the same day.

Eventually all car manufacturers in India will shift to Bharat NCAP from Global NCAP. David Ward, Global NCAP President had mentioned that Global NCAP’s “Safer Car for India” campaign will come to an end as they don’t want to be perceived as rivals to BNCAP.


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