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Cover Awe: Movement, Embroidery, & More


Welcome back to Cover Awe!

An Inheritance of Magic of Benedict Jacka. A blue cover with a black cityscape in the background. In the middle is a gray cat. The borders have filigree, diamond gemstones, brown snakes, and orange leaves.

Sarah: Border!

Stuff! Filigree! CAT

Amanda: That cat is definitely up to some mischief!

Lara: I love the lighting so much!

Sneezy: Me too!

Forged by Magic by Jenn Wolfhart. An illustrated cover. A female orc with light green skin, pointed ears, and dark black hair in a ponytail is wearing brown pants and a brown crop top. An elven man with pale skin and white, shoulder length hair is wearing dark pants and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Both are kneeling in front of a fire with their foreheads pressed together.

Cover illustration by Deandra Scicluna

Elyse: I love the firelight in the background and the intimacy

Sneezy: I agree, this is lovely!

Carrie: I’m a sucker for a forehead bump

Sarah: Sorry I can’t hear you all over the incredible soothing sound of all the cozy vibes

Lara: Wow, that cover has me swooning

Manslaughter Park by Tirzah Price. A hot pick cover designed to look like it's cloth bound. The shape of a man and woman are facing each other with a framed image of a skull between them. The borders have teal and orange leaves with white and pink flowers. The entire cover is designed to look like the elements are embroidered.

Cover design by Jess Phoenix

Amanda: It may be hard to see, but all the designs look to be embroidered and that’s so cool! It also reminds me of an old clothbound cover.

Sarah: Oh my gosh the embroidery is so gorgeous. I wonder if this was generated or if an artist stitched it for the cover. (Also I love embroidery Instagram so much. So soothing.)

Lara: The combination of the embroidery and those gorgeous colours is really working for me.

Sneezy: I really really hope the cover’s actually embroidered.

Duet with a Siren Duke by Elise Kova. A blond merman with teal tail holds a woman. She has darker blond, curly hair and is wearing pink, backless dress. Bubbles and multicolored beads.

Cover illustration by Erion Makuo

Lara: That is stunning!

Amanda: This entire series has such great covers! This one has the most movement, I think.

Sarah: I love how the light glows over both of them, and yes the movement and their facial expressions!

Sneezy: Holy! The way the watery environment and magic is expressed is MMMM-MUAH!

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