Cultivating a Data-Driven Legacy

As REcolorado commemorates its 40th anniversary, Justin Knoll’s illustrious career in Colorado’s real estate landscape takes on added significance. With a diverse background, Knoll’s recent venture into proptech development provides a renewed perspective on the industry’s trajectory. Through its four-decade journey, REcolorado has continually set the standard for MLS excellence—driving progress and shaping the future of real estate technology through its commitment to forward-thinking leadership.

“REcolorado saw early on that data and technology will drive how we transact real estate in the future and has been an industry leader in shaping how we get there,” says Knoll, co-founder of Refresh Data and Get In Contract and owner of the Knoll Team Coaching and Consulting. “Their approach toward being innovative, inclusive of all stakeholders in a transaction and open to sharing the most accurate data, within established boundaries, is not new. In fact, they’ve partnered with startups and legacy companies to build and launch products in the past, which continues to be a core focus. They’re a perfect fit for companies like us, who rely on MLS data to help consumers.”

Throughout its history, REcolorado has embraced technological advancements to enhance its services. “The MLS of tomorrow is a connector of the best tech in real estate to agents and the market through partnerships,” says Knoll. “It’s not just information about a home they can provide, but a marketplace of tools to help real estate professionals provide a better experience.”

Having witnessed the evolution of MLS firsthand, Knoll reflects on its traditional role and its expanded potential in the digital age. “Before entering the tech side, I saw the main focus of the MLS as the place for agents to enter listing information where buyer’s agents could search listing data for the best fit for their client,” he explains.  Now on the tech side he sees the MLS as a more complex data and services company.

Despite challenges like unauthorized data access, their commitment remains steadfast. “We’ve expanded to provide a holistic property record that can give information back to REcolorado, agents and brokerages by combining REcolorado and public data sources,” says Knoll, whose team is currently working with REcolorado on the development of a groundbreaking tool that will bring MLS value to additional customer segments.

“Through feedback and discussion, the initial product will end up being a mixture of both depending on use case,” he says. Through ongoing refinement, REcolorado aims to deliver a user-friendly interface enabling seamless access to accurate, up-to-date data tailored to individual needs. 

“We are dedicated to being a trusted business partner with industry innovators to expand the delivery of services and insights to our subscribers,” says Deborah Shipley, vice president of Corporate Communications and Marketing at REcolorado, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to building trusting partnerships that deliver value while being good stewards of their subscribers’ data. “The MLS is the one place the agent has to go to all the time. Our job is to be good stewards of our subscribers’ data, underscoring REcolorado’s dedication to safeguarding data integrity while serving as an indispensable resource for real estate professionals.”

Drilling down further, Knoll highlights the organization’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

“The collaborative process with REcolorado began with a shared belief that offering the market more useful data is what matters. It’s incredibly valuable to have direct access to decision-makers specific to what we’re working on. Gone are the days of agents or brokerages being the only ones with access to the MLS.”

Knoll’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration and innovation in the real estate industry. Through partnerships with key industry leaders, REcolorado continues to maintain its market leadership and deliver superior services amidst industry shifts.

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