Does your bedroom have the right nightstand? My nightstand rules for every room.

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Nightstands come in such a variety of shapes and sizes (width and height) and colors and price points, it’s sometimes hard to know if you have the right nightstand for your bedroom. Last year, I picked up some nightstands for Polly’s room at the right price, but as soon as I got them into the space, I knew the shape (too solid of a box), size (too short and narrow), and color (too dark!) were all wrong.

I jotted down “nightstand for Polly’s room” in my notes app — I keep a running list of things that aren’t dire to buy immediately, but I should keep an eye out for — and last week, I came across the sweetest nightstand from Wayfair that checked all the boxes (including price!).

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Beckett One Drawer Wood Nightstand

The creamy wood grain, the whimsical legs… The right height and width for her queen-size bed. I love the storage and the airiness of the design. (I’m including a reminder of what she used to have below.)


If you have been on the hunt for a new nightstand, Wayfair has a wide selection. They’re delivered in DAYS, not weeks. Their white-glove delivery is FREE. I rounded up a few of my favorites right now below — including my picks under $150. (And if you’re not sure of what you need…I’m sharing my rules for nightstands, too!)

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  1. Beckett One Drawer Wood Nightstand $169 Just what Polly’s fairytale bedroom needed.
  2. Amberlyn 2 Drawer Nightstand $246
  3. Celine 2 – Drawer Nightstand $520
  4. Mid-Century Modern Nightstand $103
  5. Angeletta One Drawer Wood Nightstand $149 Ordered these as well, but haven’t decided where they’re going yet!
  6. Essie Solid Wood Nightstand $450
  7. Rossiter Nightstand $163
  8. Lundgren 2 Drawer Nightstand $239 The wood and the legs on this one have me swooning.
  9. Hubbard Nightstand $505 Yes, to the brass ring pulls.
  10. Julina Metal Nightstand $210
  11. Gray Solid Wood Nightstand $349
  12. Bade Nightstand $309

My rules for nightstands aren’t hard and fast, but nightstands are definitely an essential piece of furniture, so let’s get it right!

Chris Loves Julia | Grown Woman Bedroom with Black Nightstands

In the early years, it’s easy to just use another piece of furniture as a nightstand. Perhaps it was a desk in your college dorm or a plant stand you found at a thrift store. It probably took me eight years of marriage to realize a good nightstand is worth the money. And that doesn’t mean it needs to cost a lot! There are so many options for every budget. Nightstands really make your room feel more “put together.”

Choose the Right Nightstand Height and Width

When choosing a nightstand, you’ll want to pick something that’s a good height and width for your bed. I recommend that your nightstand is 2″-4″ above the height of the top of your mattress. Candidly, our nightstands are a little high for our space, but we purchased them for our last bed that was higher. It’s on the list.

Chris Loves Julia | Child's Bedroom with Black Nightstands

In terms of width, if you have a king or California king bed, you can go with a wide nightstand that’s up to 29″ wide. You need something weighty to balance out the size of the bed. If you have a queen– or full-sized bed, go with a standard size (which ranges from 21″ to 28″.) With twin beds, you can have narrow individual stands (less than 21″ wide) on the exterior side of each bed or you can go with a standard or wide nightstand as a shared piece between the beds, which can be fun.

Choose a Nightstand Color

My one piece of advice here is to not get sucked into the “matching set” look. It’s much more interesting to mix with other pieces in your bedroom instead of making a perfect complementary match with your headboard. If you have a wood bed, go for a lighter or darker tone of wood or even solid black or contrasting color.


We have an upholstered bed, so we have plenty of options. I love a good black nightstand so that’s what I picked for our room and Faye’s room, since she has a wood bed. And then Greta has a gray bed, so we picked a blue nightstand.

I do think every room needs a wood tone, so if you don’t have any in your bedroom, a wooden nightstand would be a great bet because it adds so much warmth. If your bed is wood, then choose something else!

Choose a Nightstand with Storage

In my opinion, every nightstand needs storage. Even a guest room nightstand (it’s nice to have little essentials in there for guests). It’s so important to have a place near your bed that can be a place for those little catch-all things — your Kindle or book, your phone, your water – that you reach for around bedtime.


A little drawer is so helpful to keep a notepad, pen, and my favorite lip mask at the ready. But since it’s out of sight, be mindful about what you put in there or you’ll use your nightstand as a glorified junk drawer. (A lesson to myself as much as anyone else. I don’t even know what’s in my two drawers…they’re filled to the brim!)

Chris Loves Julia | Bedroom with Tablecloth-Covered Nightstand

Another way to hide clutter if you don’t have a drawer in your nightstand is to cover it with a small tablecloth or round of fabric. Not only can this add a dose of pattern in the room, it can dress up a space, especially if you’re working with mismatched tables you thrifted or a piece you got as a hand-me-down with no drawers. Tuck a little basket under the tablecloth, and you have a perfect little mini-storage spot.

So there you have it! You’re ready to find the nightstand of your dreams. Check out all of my picks below from Wayfair for any style and budget.

One last thing before you go, you’ll also want to see how I style a nightstand for a guest room or even just for myself.

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