Eagles' A.J. Brown addresses 'controversy' after making Tom Brady his social media profile picture


AJ Brown ruffled more than a few feathers on Thursday. The Philadelphia Eagles wideout created a stir on social media after he changed his profile picture to legendary quarterback Tom Brady on his Instagram account. This, in addition to Brown allegedly deciding to follow Patriots players Jacoby Brissett and KJ Osborn, didn’t sit well with some Eagles fans. 

Brown, who grew up a Patriots fan and cried when the team didn’t draft him in 2019, addressed his decision behind changing his profile picture to Brady. In short, Brown chalked it up to being a fan of Brady and the Patriots growing up. 

“TB12 is my favorite player ever,” Brown wrote on X. “I watched ‘The Dynasty’ and it brought back some memories from my childhood. Go look up what he did in 2015 when he was doubted/disrespected. Yeah I see the disrespect. Motivated … yes. That’s it I Did not think changing my [profile picture] to the greatest QB ever would cause controversy. Take Care.”

Brown then responded to a commenter who said that he should have known that changing his profile to Brady would create a stir. 

“I don’t live by the world rules,” Brown replied. “He’s retired and is the best person to touch a football. It’s not that serious.”

Brown’s right. Changing his profile picture to Brady isn’t a big deal. But that combined with the rumors of him following two Patriots, in addition to him being a Patriots fan growing up, clearly caused more than a few Eagles fans to speculate on Brown’s possible desire to jettison Philadelphia for New England. 

Brown may indeed want to play for his childhood team, but as he wrote on Thursday, changing his profile picture to Brady is simply about his appreciation for the seven-time Super Bowl champion. 

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