FLO is improving EV charging infrastructure

The lack of charging infrastructure is a major barrier to entry for those looking to convert gas-powered vehicles to electric.

This process is an essential component of fighting climate change, and luckily, it’s becoming easier to do so. As of July 2023, the U.S. installed more than 160,000 charging stations throughout the nation, many of which are located in urban centers. One company taking charge is FLO. Founded by Louis Tremblay, FLO is looking to build robust EV charging infrastructure that will create a reliable web for drivers to get to where they need to go.

Tremblay took the time to talk to us at Found about his company and the process of building out such technology. “We’ve not installed dots on the map as many have but we have deployed a reliable network, a network that you can always depend on, and that’s what I’m most proud of.”

The Quebec-based company launched 15 years ago, and fundraising was much more difficult at the time because the EV market was undefined. Since then, however, the company has raised more than $334.4 million and become Canada’s largest EV charging provider.

Collaborations with stakeholders also proved important for the company. “I learned that it’s really important for our business to work with everyone,” said Tremblay, “At some point, we need a price for the carbon.”

Right now, product adoption is top of mind for FLO — mostly because the company says it’s focused on its climate-forward mission. It develops software and hardware products to ensure it can control the user experience from top to bottom.

“Hardware is important because it’s the infrastructure that lasts [and] software is to make a great experience,” said Tremblay.

FLO is also vertically integrated, so it’s able to manufacture its own parts. It seeks to keep chargers up-to-date and has a suite of charging software that provides valuable data to — and about — drivers. For example, station owners can see a charger’s diagnostics, incorporate flexible billing or get data reports.

One of the first FLO customers in the U.S. was actually New York City. On Found, Tremblay talked about working with the city, and matching the aesthetics of each different neighborhood. He also spoke about his leadership style and creating a competitive work culture.

“I’m really passionate about having a company that delivers revenue, that delivers profitability, that grows,” said Tremblay, “But also how can we make an environment where it’s fun to work, we perform together, we care for each other.”

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