GameFi Token MANA Plunges 95% From ATH, As Holders Swarm Raboo Amid Polkadot News

It has been tough times for investors, as many top altcoins are trading down at the moment. Decentraland (MANA) was the star of GameFi in 2021 and 2022, but the token has lost most of its value lately. Polkadot (DOT) is also facing scrutiny for heavy spending, as reported in its Treasury reports.

In the midst of so many downtrends, Raboo ($RABT) is practically untouched. The $RABT crypto price is 60% up from the initial presale stage, and investors have picked the Rabooproject as a ticket for profits this year.

More on the Raboo presale shortly.

MANA falls 95% from its ATH

It’s been quite the ride for Decentraland since 2021, as the gaming token went from being at the centre of crypto buzz to being a perpetually bearish token. Significant developments are still popping up on the MANA platform, but their traction is missing.

As you might have expected, the crypto winters of 2022 and 2023 have hampered the prospects Decentraland must have had. At the time, there was so much LAND for sale to corporate and individual traders; now, Decentraland has just enough to keep gamers entertained.

The MANA token, like many other top altcoins, fell significantly behind its ATH. However, it hasn’t made the recovery others have made, and the MANA crypto price isstill headed formore bearish outcomes this year.

Polkadot under fire for blockchain issues

The Polkadot team published their Treasury reports for the first half of 2024, and there has been a massiveoutcry from the community against the highlighted spending. Polkadot’sspending doubled over the past six months, and the community doesn’t seem satisfied with the allocations.

About $87 million worth of DOT coins went to various aspects of Polkadot’s expenses, with the bulk of it ($36 million) going to marketing that has been deemed ineffective by many Polkadot holders. Development took the next largest spot in the spending, as about $23 million went to the creation of developer tools and wallets.

Many users are drawing parallels between the FTX collapse and Polkadot’s recent spending spree. At this rate, the token only has two years of running left. The users are wary, and Polkadot’s crypto price is already 5% down on intraday trading.

So, Decentraland is headed for a bearish slump, Polkadot is still receiving backlash from its community, and much of the DeFi market is notably bearish.

Raboo is one last chance for you to settle the year’s books in profits.

Raboo to displace top altcoins with long-term plans and community

Apart from being one of the few tokens still trading upwards, Raboo is a trader’s favourite this year because of what it could be offering its users. It’s a streak of gains coming from Raboo, and crypto traders can’t be more excited.

First, Raboo users will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the platform’s meme-making process. There’s a generative AI, Rabooscan, that is set to make gathering memeablecontent easier, Rabooscan will scour social media pages, gathering a horde of memeablecontent to create fresh memes every day. And all the users have to do is post their funny content through the Post-to-earn feature on Raboo. If their content is meme-worthy, they’ll get free $RABT tokens right out of the 135 million reward pool.

The platform is also backed by SolidProof , meaning you won’t lose your assets. What’s more, Ethereum’s blockchain will be hosting the Raboo project, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best network security in decentralized finance.

As for profits, head over to presale and get your $RABT tokens today.


The Raboo presale is already in Stage 4, and the tokens are going for just $0.0048 each. The presale ROI started at 233%, but the tokens are 60% up already.

Analysts tip the token for 100x pumps when Raboo lists on the major exchanges. So hold onto your $RABT tokens–it will soon be profit season! We’re headed for the moon!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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