Goons In BMW Attack Family: Caught On Dashcam

In the last few years, Indian roads have become a stunt ground and a fight club. We say this because people nowadays are getting involved in a lot of road rage incidents, and that too for the stupidest of reasons. Now, sometimes these incidents become so dangerous that even the lives of people come in danger. Showing this exact scenario of a life-threatening road rage incident, a video has been shared online from Greater Noida.

The video of this road rage incident comes courtesy of Prateek Singh from YouTube. The video starts with dashcam footage of a Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The presenter mentions that it was shared with him by one of his viewers. He highlighted that in this video, they were chased down by a few goons in a BMW 3-Series sedan on the streets of Greater Noida.

It begins with the Maruti Suzuki Baleno driver driving normally on the road with two of his family members. There was a female and a male passenger apart from the driver inside the car. The owner of the car mentioned that the incident took place around 12:45 AM. He added that they were on their route to a hospital to visit his brother-in-law.

What happened?

BMW crashes while overtaking

However, during their travel to the hospital, at one point their Maruti Baleno came in contact with a BMW 3-Series. What happened was the Baleno was being driven normally and at a very decent speed on the left side of the lane. And this can be even observed in the dashcam footage as well.

Soon after this, we can note that a BMW 3-Series with its high beams on was trying to overtake a Maruti Dzire sedan. During this overtaking, the BMW comes in contact with the Baleno. Most likely, only the mirrors of the two cars touched during this high-speed overtake.

Now not thinking about it much, the Baleno driver continued his journey to the hospital. However, a few moments later after driving for a little while, this particular BMW 3-Series came following them. After this, the car came next to the Baleno, and the driver asked the people inside what happened?

The chase began

BMW stopped infront of Baleno

Following this question, for some odd reason, the egos of the BMW occupants were tested, and they tried to stop the Baleno at a left turn. During this stoppage, three men from the sedan even came out in an enraged manner.

However, taking note of their anger, the Baleno driver quickly put his car in reverse. And instead of going left where he was supposed to be, went on straight to avoid conflict with these men.

Now after driving for a while on unknown roads, the Baleno driver and his passengers thought that the goons might have left them. But to their surprise, these goons were still following them. During this chase, the Baleno driver then left the main road and went on a single-lane road.

BMW Baleno chase

After reaching this road, the BMW then once again came just beside them, and this time around it even hit the rear right of the car. Despite this impact, the Baleno driver managed to control the car and continue ahead. However, the BMW caught up to them and stopped ahead of their car.

Goons attacked the Baleno

Soon after stopping in front of the Baleno, the three goons from the BMW once again came out of the car. This time around they immediately started throwing beer bottles and stones picked from the ground on the Baleno.

After this, the Baleno driver quickly reversed the car and tried to escape. During this entire incident, the women inside the car can be heard panicking along with the two men. They were searching for the location of the hospital to quickly reach there in order to avoid these goons.

Goons in BMW attack family in Baleno

The driver was also asking the female passenger to find the nearest police station. However, in this panic situation, the woman, instead of calling the police, initially called one of their relatives and was explaining to him what was happening. The video then ends with the Baleno heading towards the hospital.

What to do in such a situation?

The Baleno driver in this case did the right thing by avoiding any physical confrontation with these goons. This is because they were outnumbered and even had a female passenger. This situation could have turned uglier if they had stopped and stepped out. Road Rage incidents!

However, the one thing that they should have done immediately was to call the police authorities first. Rather than calling relatives, the police should be called at the earliest, and instead of driving towards the hospital, the driver and passengers should have navigated their car to the nearest police station.

BMW goons attack baleno

Have these men been arrested?

As per the video, the owner of the Baleno has filed a case against the BMW goons. However, if they have been caught by Noida police or not has not been reported. Sometimes in situations like these, goons like the one in the video, despite police complaints, get away due to political powers. However, what happens next in this situation has to be seen.

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