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This HaBO is from Layla, who wants to find this contemporary romance:

I’m looking for a book that I think came out within the last two years. It’s a contemporary romance, possibly small town, and I’m pretty positive it’s on KU. I read the first chapter through the author’s newsletter but I cannot remember the author or the title and it’s driving me crazy. I’m subbed to a lot of author newsletters and I delete emails after reading so I can’t just try to find it in my archive.

The main male character was coming (back?) into town and stopped at the bar where he saw the female main character who is working there. The FMC is the sister of some guys he has a feud/rivalry with? I remember the vibe being sort of like a Hatfield/McCoys situation. It’s definitely part of a series and I’m pretty sure the FMC’s brothers were the focus of the previous books. Also pretty sure the first chapter was dual POV.

Details I’m not entirely sure are accurate: there’s a regular and/or an asshole at the bar and he defends her or feels the urge to and he offers her a ride to and from work the next day because of…reasons? Again, this part is the most fuzzy and may be my brain mixing up two different books.

I feel like it was someone along the lines of Melanie Harlow but it’s entirely possible that I’m just making that up.

I know this is a long shot as there are a million books like this out there but if anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate it!

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