Cute ginger cat is sleeping in the bed on warm blanket. Cold autumn or winter weekend while reading a book and drinking warm coffee or tea. Hygge concept. Text on the pages is not recognizable. Greetings and salutations!

I returned home from a vacation with that dastardly minx COVID, and so, this week, I am embracing the way of the potato.

I shall become the potato, and I shall potato most…aaand there’s my favorite COVID symptom: I forget words.

GREAT FUN. Not like I need them or anything.

So, that’s how I am: POTATO.

I am potato.

Yup, that’s me.

This year, July 4 feels super weird. Does it feel that way for you, too? There’s an election in the UK – y’all, I am sending you so many good vibes, I can’t even tell you. In the US, well, again, I’m out of words but [insert your favorite cranky words here].

ASSIDUOUSLY! That’s the word I wanted. I potato most assiduously.

Anyway. Shit is weird! I have one thing to say, and one question.

Thing to say: Romancing the Vote Ends Tomorrow!!!

There are so many rad things to bid upon, from crafts (so many quilts! So gorgeous!) to critiques to consultations to amazing reader bundles. One of my favorite (sold out!) items: a bookbinding kit to bind your own hard copy of a fanfic. I love this so much.

The bidding has been furious, and honestly, the lift the auction and the enthusiasm surrounding it has given me is not measurable. I’m in awe of the organizing folks and volunteers – thanks, y’all.

I donated a whopper of an item, if I say so myself: co-host a Romantic Times Rewind with Amanda and me! That’s two episodes of co-hosting with us, plus you get to read this weird, wonderful magazine and see all the fuchsia glory for yourself. I hope someone is as excited as I am each month to take a look at all those nipples and wild hats.

Question to ask: How are you today? What’s going on with you? I’m as potato as I was at the start of this entry, and I would really like to know how you are.

Potatos for all!


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