Hideki Yoshimoto lines reflective installation with illuminated fibreglass "soldiers"

Japanese designer Hideki Yoshimoto has unveiled the Beyond the Horizon immersive art installation at this year’s Milan Design Week, designed in collaboration with car brand Lexus.

Drawing on Lexus’ LF-ZC (Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst) concept car, which “explores possibilities for a next-generation Lexus battery electric vehicle”, the installation aims to encapsulate and represent the brand’s focus on the future.

“I wanted to create something which gives you an impression of kind of future-looking exploration or toward the future of different dimensions of this industry,” Yoshimoto told Dezeen in Milan.

People exploring the installation by Hideki Yoshimoto
Hideki Yoshimoto has unveiled an immersive installation at Milan Design Week

The reflective installation features a model of the car, which is positioned at the centre of the installation to act as a “beacon” towards this new future and flanked by a series of illuminated sculptures.

“The sculptures are almost like soldiers,” Yoshimoto said.

“They are pulling this leader – the car – or protecting the car to going beyond the horizon into space or a new world.”

Beyond the Horizon featuring a red-toned background at Milan Design Week
The reflective installation is centred by a model of the concept car

The installation floor was lined with mirrored surfaces intended to give the effect of water, while illuminated backing panels depict the sky’s landscape – shifting from morning to night – with the line between them indicating the horizon.

Aiming to combine themes of tradition and future, the sculptures were made using traditional Japanese washi paper crafted into unique patterns which was then encased with fibreglass.

The sculptures respond to human movement – emitting a white glow when approached that simultaneously reveals the patterned paper inside.

Adding to the immersive experience, calming music was played through a collection of speakers to add to the sensory experience.

Hideki Yoshimoto touching a sculpture at his installation for Milan Design Week
The sculptures respond to human movement

Japanese washi paper was similarly used to create the shifting landscapes displayed across the space’s backing panels.

“I created that landscape on the massive screen [using] Japanese washi paper – resonating with the brand’s respect to Japanese craftsmanship,” Yoshimoto said.

Low-light image showing lighting at Beyond the Horizon by Hideki Yoshimoto
Mirrored flooring is intended to give the effect of water

Yoshimoto is founder of the design and innovation brand Tangent and was awarded the first Lexus Design Award in 2013 for his lighting design Inaho.

Elsewhere in Milan, IKEA has unveiled an inflatable chair that “challenges traditional gaming design” and V-Zug has opened its inaugural Milan showroom featuring neutral tones.

The photography is courtesy of Lexus.

Beyond the Horizon is on show from 15 to 21 April 2024 as part of Milan design week. See our Milan design week 2024 guide on Dezeen Events Guide for information about the many other exhibitions, installations and talks taking place throughout the week.

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