Hooligan Thar Owner Drives On Footpath, Hits Parked Bikes: Cops Let Him Go [Video]

Over the last few months, we have seen numerous videos of Mahindra Thar drivers doing reckless stuff on Indian roads. However, this recently shared video isn’t the craziest of them all. In this short video, a Mahindra Thar owner was seen doing innumerable stupid acts on public roads. This Thar was seen bumping into parked two-wheelers and displaying other reckless acts. And the worst part is he was let go by the traffic police authorities.

Mahindra Thar reckless driver

This video of this hooligan Mahindra Thar driving recklessly has come courtesy of The Third Eye from X. It starts off with the Thar driver driving his SUV up on a divider on a busy road. Now, why exactly was he doing this is something only he could know.

Thar reckless driver on sidewalk

However, what we can note is that the people behind him on that busy road were annoyed. This SUV was then seen hitting a two-wheeler parked on the side of a road. Thankfully, no one was sitting on the bike. But it most likely was bumped by this Thar driver for his fun.

The video then continues, and it once again shows this stupid driver driving his Thar on a sidewalk. This time the sidewalk was filled with people who were trying to enter a building. But the driver wanted to flex his SUV’s off-road capabilities.

Even police authorities did not stop him

Thar on sidewalk

Soon after this, the worst part of this video was shown. It can be noted that this car already had enough illegal things going on with its appearance and was let go by police. We can observe that there were three traffic police officers. However, they did not stop this person or do anything to him.

This particular Thar did not have any number plates on the front or even on the rear. It also had completely black tinted windows which are illegal. But despite all of this, he was not even questioned by the police officers.

As a matter of fact, this part of the police interaction in the video was shared for a specific reason. And that reason is the person who originally recorded the video wanted to share his power. With this, he wanted to emphasize that despite doing illegal things he cannot be arrested due to his powers.

Thar sidewalk reckless police lets him go

The video towards the end shows this hooligan driver doing another stupid act. He was crossing a sidewalk and then entering a road with heavy traffic. During this, he stops a truck and takes a turn on the road. He then again slows down in front of the same truck. What happened after that has not been shared.

Has this man been arrested?

Thar reckless

At the moment, there is no information available if this Thar and its driver have been apprehended or not. Most likely, no official complaint has been filed as the location of this incident is unknown. Also, as there was no number plate on the car, it is hard to identify the owner of this Thar.

However, if a complaint is registered, police authorities will be able to find out who this car owner was. In a previous incident, a Toyota Fortuner driver was also seen driving his SUV recklessly without number plates. However, police were able to track him with the help of CCTV footage of public cameras.

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