Hyundai Creta hits nilgai at high-speed; Keeps passengers safe [Video]

Wild animals are a major safety concern on the Indian highways. We have seen multiple accidents caused by the wild animals. Here is one from a highway that shows how dangerous these animals are to the safety of the motorists.

The dashboard camera video from a Hyundai Creta shows it cruising on a highway at a decent speed. It is likely to be more than 100 km/h and even more than 120 km/h as the speed buzzer is constantly warning about the speed.

The relatively empty highway encourages drivers to maintain a decent speed. However, a nilgai comes out from one side of the road sprinting towards the other end. The Hyundai Creta driver could not react in time and crashed straight into the nilgai.

Such high-speed impacts can be deadly for cars. This impact between the car and nilgai caused some brutal damage to the vehicle. The front-end is un-recognisable and then the car also hit a pole after being uncontrolled by the first impact. That caused further damage to the vehicle.

Hyundai Creta hits nilgai at high-speed; Keeps passengers safe [Video]

With such damage, the Hyundai Creta worked flawlessly and deployed the airbags to keep the passengers safe. No one got injured in the accident and everyone came out safely.

Stray cattle pose a significant problem on several Indian highways, and authorities have yet to resolve the issue. Several years ago, officials in Uttar Pradesh placed high reflective tapes on the horns of stray cattle to enhance visibility at night. However, no significant actions have been taken to eradicate this road hazard.

To ensure road safety, it is advisable to drive defensively on Indian roads and check the road ahead before attempting to overtake. Blindly overtaking vehicles can result in catastrophic accidents, especially on unpredictable roads like those in India.

In this particular situation, the apparent cause of the incident was a panicked stray nilgai that ran across the highway. It’s worth noting that if the vehicle had hit the animal head-on, it could have dealt more damage. Stray animals on roads are unpredictable and can move in any direction, posing a significant threat to vehicles.

Speeding can be dangerous

Not only have stray animals been captured in past videos, but also numerous jaywalkers. Riding or driving at high speeds significantly reduces reaction time, potentially leading to accidents. Operating vehicles at slower speeds provides riders and drivers with more time to avoid collisions and to brake effectively. Vehicles traveling at higher speeds require considerably more time and distance to come to a stop.

Maintaining the speed limit on Indian roads is crucial for safety. Even when the roads are empty, stray animals or cattle can freely access most of them, and their behavior is highly unpredictable. Whenever animals or cattle are spotted on the roads, the safest approach is to reduce speed. Often, these animals change their direction abruptly at the last moment, making it imperative to be cautious and prepared.

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