In Support of a Fair and Equitable Housing Market

Our industry confronts the question, “What would the market look like if there were no MLS?” Bright believes that one “Value of the MLS” is its critical role in ensuring fair and equitable access to housing for all Americans. We launched our “Value of the MLS” campaign last year to share that message with consumers. We are proud of the homebuyer videos and other content, and we are pleased with the early success driving awareness about the important role the MLS plays in support of fair housing.  

And we now need to do even more. The second phase of our campaign will add efforts directed to the federal policymaking sector, with the aim of informing Congressional and other federal policymaking audiences of why the agent-client relationship, nurtured through the MLS, is so critical for a healthy housing market and upholding fair housing principles.   

WTOP news in Washington recently shared a roundtable discussion that featured Bright MLS Chief Marketing Officer Amit Kulkarni and Bright MLS Chief Economist Dr. Lisa Sturtevant, who were joined in conversation on these important issues with U.S. Representative Glenn Ivey (MD-04): “Taking action to ensure fairness and equity in housing: How government and real estate can work together.” 

We would very much appreciate help from others in the industry who share our commitment to an open, fair and equitable housing market.  

So, how can you help?  

  • Start this week by sharing our conversation with Rep. Ivey (    
  • Ask your social team to like Bright MLS posts on this subject, and to reshare with your audiences.  
  • Post on your own LinkedIn pages. Feel free to link to our Value of the MLS pages ( 
  • Bring this conversation up at your staff and team meetings and other gatherings with industry contacts. Our staff is energized by our focus on fair housing, and yours may be as well.  
  • Quote from it at your own speaking opportunities.   

We can also help with resources if you need a hand or have other ideas in regard to how it can land in front of those in your communities with an interest in these timely and critical issues.  

Following the verdict in the Missouri trial last October, we are concerned that folks making decisions are hearing only one side of the story—and it is critical that we take a leading role to educate consumers and policymakers.   

We embrace this role not because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do. We are here collectively to serve the millions of homebuyers and sellers making the most important decisions of their lives—and we are in this fight for them.

Rene Galicia is executive vice president of Customer Advocacy at Bright MLS. For more information, please visit

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