Kerala’s Ugliest Modified Civic Seized: Thank You MVD!

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars in the mod circuit. We have featured a decent number of modified Civic sedans from different parts of the country. While the government has put a blanket ban on modifications, we still see modified cars on the road. Some of these cars look good after modifications, while others look totally outlandish. Here we have one such video from Kerala where Kerala MVD officers actually seized one of the ugliest looking modified Honda Civic sedans.

The video has been shared by Mathrubhumi News on YouTube. The car in question here is an extremely modified Honda Civic sedan. This is the older generation sedan, which is quite popular among buyers for such modifications. The car was seized from Kollam district of Kerala, and we don’t blame the officers here. If modifying a car to make it look ugly were a crime, then the owner of the car must have been arrested for cruelty against cars. Yes, the modifications are that atrocious. The front kit and the colour makes this car horrible to look at.

Ugliness was not why it was seized by MVD, however

A few days ago, this Honda Civic was spotted by MVD officers during their routine check. However, the person driving the vehicle refused to slow down or stop for inspection. The senior officer shared details about the car with his subordinates and asked them to take action against the vehicle wherever they spot it.

The car had several illegal modifications and was also being used on the road without a registration number. There are also reports that the car was involved in a minor crash while evading the police check. A few days after the incident, the Motor Vehicle Department officers got information about the same car, and they went to the spot where it was parked.

They found the car parked, and the bright pink color and the “Boomer” stickers on the windshield and the number plate area helped the officers confirm that this was the same car which did not stop for checking the previous day.

The front of the car is completely modified. It looks like the car was lowered, and aftermarket body kits are also installed. The windshield was tinted, and the car was using aftermarket headlamps. The officers inspected the car thoroughly for all the modifications and finally seized it. The paint job on this car is one of the factors that would attract a lot of attention. Along with the massive spoiler that can be used to hang clothes, white aftermarket wheels and decals, the car just looks too loud.

Honda Civic modified
Honda Civic modified

The car also had an aftermarket exhaust, to add to all the loudness. The owner of the car told officers that they were never stopped by any cops before this. They also said that this was a project car and they use it for several auto shows in different colleges and institutes in Kerala. They even said that the car is taken to such venues on a flatbed and is never driven on the road.

The officers did not listen to any of the excuses made by the owner and took the car into custody. The car was seized for illegal modifications and missing number plate. The car is now parked outside the local police station. In such cases, MVD officers issue a hefty fine for all the modifications and then ask the owner to produce the vehicle in front of the officer in its stock form.

This modified Honda Civic is finished in hot pink, and that is what makes it look even odder. With all these modifications in place, the Civic just looked very cheap, in a bad way. All said, we have featured several neat-looking or tastefully modified Honda Civic sedans on our website in the past. If one modifies her car, taking massive risks given the fact it’s illegal, it must at least be done tastefully!

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