Lil Mabu Talks About Making Records With Fivio Foreign in His Emory Dorm Room, the Real Story Behind That Viral Gun Video, and Being in on the Joke

So just to confirm, that was not real at all, the video that we were talking about?

The Cheddar Bob video?


No, I’m not really Cheddar Bob. I wouldn’t do something like that. I’m very serious about gun safety, and I don’t do any illegal things, especially in New York. I don’t participate in anything like that.

Are there any creative endeavors that you want to go into in terms of fashion or film or anything like that?

I see a lot of comments on my videos about acting, an acting career, and I mean, in school, for example, I was always doing the lead characters in plays and public speaking. That’s something I was able to incorporate into my music through the visuals. That’s something I would definitely entertain in the future. I think that’s a real art that I should explore further than just the music videos I make. I think there’s definitely something there and it’s enjoyable to me.

What kind of plays were you in?

I remember I was Peter Pan. I mean, we even did operas and musicals and stuff too, like Peter Pan. I remember we did Strega Nona. I think that was my first play I did, was Strega Nona.

What do your parents think about your rap career? I’m sure they’re very happy that you’re in college.

It’s a concern for my moms. It didn’t matter if I was on a billboard. It was always just, “Oh, you have a paper due tomorrow. How’s that going? Is that number one on your priority list?” I could imagine how my life would play out differently if the first time I showed my dad a song if his reaction would’ve been like, “Yeah, that shit’s ass. What are you doing?” Who knows? I could have stopped right then and there and gone on with my day, but I’m happy they created that atmosphere in the house for me, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Was the first song that you played him and what was his reaction?

The first song I put out was “Blue,” and I made it with my friend Charles in my bedroom, and I put it on SoundCloud and I remember, I showed him the song. He was just like, ‘Yeah, it sounds cool.” He wasn’t ecstatic. It wasn’t like when parents gave their kids too much positive reinforcement. They always wanted me to have my eye on the ball, and that was usually academics.

There’s been huge discourse within the rap world, with artists like Drake and Kendrick beefing. When you’re seeing stuff like that take place as a relative newcomer, what goes on in your mind?

I think it’s entertaining, and something I’ve been seeing a lot is that rap is a sport and I think it’s true. And listen, as long as blood’s not shed, go ahead.

What are you working on right now? Just singles, or is there another full-length in the works?

It’s singles right now. I have plans for projects in the future, but given I just dropped the album, I think it’s time to experiment with the sound. Being in Atlanta, I’ve been exposed to the sound of the South, and I’ve heard a lot of that club music for the females. That good-feeling summer music is something that I listen to and I’ll be experimenting with all that stuff. Everything.

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