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Links: Figure Skating, Romance, & More


Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.Welcome back to Wednesday Links!

Big thank you to everyone who gave me eyedrops advice. It’s much appreciated and I’m excited to sally forth into allergy season with my new tools!

I’m currently in a giant reading slump. I can’t seem to focus long enough to make progress, like I’d rather play a mindless phone game or grind out levels in Final Fantasy XIV. Is anyone feeling the same way? I may try the “30 minutes before bed” trick and just be happy with whatever I can accomplish in that time.

Shondaland recently had a piece about the popularity of romance.  I do think the evolution of the genre is the most interesting part of the discussion, given that I’ve been reading it for most of my life at this piece.

Unfortunately, Twitter now forces you to log in to look at all of the tweets, but Sarah shared this thread of beautiful and interesting sculptural details.

EC Spurlock sent this link in, about the discovery of children’s notebooks dating back as early as the 18th century.

I know we have a large figure skating contingent amongst the Bitchey, so I’m hoping someone can explain or add some historical context to this bizarro performance.

Don’t forget to share what cool or interesting things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!

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