Lunu x Courbet: Where Luxury Meets Tech

When cutting-edge technology shakes hands with high-end luxury, you get something truly special.

Innovative jewelry maison Courbet has teamed up with Lunu in a transformative move to enhance customer experience, promote sustainability, and set a fresh benchmark in the luxury scene.

For those unfamiliar, Lunu is a cutting-edge fintech company making waves with its advanced cryptocurrency payment solutions for luxury retailers. Their mission is to redefine global interconnectivity by offering seamless and secure payment options, blending the traditional charm of luxury markets with the modern appeal of digital currencies.

What makes this partnership particularly interesting is how it showcases Lunu’s vision in action. The collaboration with Courbet is a prime example of how technology can drive sustainability in the luxury sector.

Recently, Lunu’s CMO, Vadim Grigoryal, invited Courbet’s founder Manuel Mallen for an insightful conversation about their exciting collaboration. The companies talked about what makes their partnership unique and how it brings together luxury and technology in a fresh way. By combining sustainability with the latest tech, this partnership highlights how two avant-garde entities can join forces to revolutionize the luxury industry.

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What inspired you to introduce a crypto payment service?

At Courbet, we’ve been all about bringing a fresh perspective to the jewelry industry since we started in 2018. We began with innovative sourcing using lab-created diamonds and recycled gold from urban mining. Our founders, Marie-Ann Wachtmeister and Manuel Mallen, have always been keen on pushing the boundaries of innovation at every stage.

The first step was digitalizing the sales process with an advanced website and an enhanced digital customer experience. The second step was to enable new types of customers to purchase jewelry through modern means, which led us to introduce cryptocurrency payments in 2020 through our partnership with Lunu.

How often do you incorporate high-tech solutions into your business operations?

Technology is a big part of Courbet’s identity. It’s not just symbolic—like using recycled gold from old tech materials—but also practical, as demonstrated by our lab-created diamonds, which result from advanced research and high-tech machinery.

We also launched CO Genesis, a hybrid project that bridges Web2 and Web3. Through gamified adventures centered on diamonds, CO Genesis aims to build a community around Courbet’s ethical and ecological values.

Overall, Courbet is always open and eager to explore new technological frontiers. We never limit ourselves to traditional jewelry-making expertise.

In general, how tech-savvy is the jewelry industry? Is the integration of high-tech methods a recent development or part of a longer trend?

The success of lab-created diamonds is no longer just a trend; it’s a significant historical shift. As natural diamond resources dwindle and environmental considerations become increasingly important in the luxury sector, Courbet’s decision to champion this extraordinary stone has proven wise.

Technology will continue to play a more significant role in the jewelry industry. Exploring new techniques and materials through technology has always been a hallmark of luxury and artisanal crafts.

The constant drive to push physical and aesthetic boundaries inspires innovations such as lab-created diamonds with new colors and shapes, all made possible by technological advancements. While we haven’t achieved all of these innovations yet, they are exciting possibilities that are well within our reach.

What impact has the introduction of crypto payments had on your business? Have you noticed any shifts in your customer base, like attracting more tech-savvy buyers?

Introducing crypto payments has attracted a new customer base to our jewelry offerings. Our brand has always appealed to a young clientele that is open to innovation. By adopting cryptocurrency, we have strengthened our appeal and confirmed our commitment to embracing modern trends.

Can you share some numbers about crypto purchases? Any interesting trends you’ve noticed?

Crypto purchases are still a smaller part of our sales, but we have noticed that our international customers use crypto payments more often than our French customers. In fact, about 70% of our crypto transactions come from clients outside of France.

What are your future plans for integrating more crypto and tech solutions into Courbet’s business?

We’re always on the lookout for the latest technological advancements. For instance, we already use 3D technology in our software to create many bespoke pieces for our clients. We are also exploring “virtual try-on”solutions to enhance the customer experience. As for crypto, we plan to continue promoting it as a payment option.

Disclaimer: The original interview was conducted in French and has been translated to English for this publication.

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