Majotae debuts hemp bedding collection at Milan design week

Promotion: Japanese hemp textile brand Majotae launched its debut collection of hemp bedding at Milan design week with two exhibitions in the city.

Titled Majotae 9490, the collection of flat sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases is a collaboration between Majotae and Teruhiro Yanagihara Studio, an interdisciplinary practice based in Arles, France and Kobe, Japan.

Bed with contrasting cushions
The brand draws upon Japan’s traditional taima-fu hemp fabric industry

Majotae works with hemp fabric due to its practical benefits as the material is durable, antibacterial, quick-drying, odour-resistant and suitable for many temperatures.

Additionally, the studios said that as the material softens over time, the bedding is also designed to become more comforting for its owners with each use.

Majotae has focused on incorporating contemporary technological advances and production processes with artisanal skills developed in Japan’s traditional taima-fu hemp fabric industry.

Hemp has a long and rich history in Japan going back over 10,000 years, the brand said.

The material “has had a variety of uses over time, from shimenawa rope used to ward off evil spirits, to kesho-mawashi loincloths used by the highest rank of sumo wrestlers – the yokozuna,” said the company.

The company cited the industrial revolution as a turning point for hemp cloth to fall largely out of production, as hemp fibres were considered unsuitable for mechanical spinning.

“The fibre is now attracting global attention once more due to the potential for hemp to be cultivated quickly in arid regions and with reduced environmental impact,” the company said.

Chair with blue cushion
The brand presented two exhibitions during Milan design week

To celebrate the launch, Majotae presented two exhibitions designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara Studio in Milan.

The first exhibition showcased the new collection, inviting visitors to touch the fabric and learn about traditional Japanese hemp-textile production techniques.

The brand’s second exhibition displayed highlights from its Taima-Fu archive and presented a series of weaving demonstrations using its archival antique loom.

The collection – named 9490 as that’s how many days the average person spends asleep in their lifetime – is available for purchase from June 2024.

Majoate bed with cushions
The brand said it revered the practical benefits of hemp fabric

For more information on Majotae, visit its website here.

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