Maruti Suzuki To Launch New MPV Called Spacia: Smaller Than Ertiga

Currently, the most popular MPV that Maruti Suzuki India Limited sells in India is the Ertiga. However, it has been reported that the company is planning to launch a new affordable MPV. This new, smaller MPV will be sitting underneath the Ertiga in the Maruti Suzuki lineup. The forthcoming MPV, codenamed as the YDB, will be based on the Suzuki Spacia from Japan.

Maruti Suzuki Spacia MPV yellow

As reported by Autocar India, Maruti Suzuki is planning to introduce this model by 2026. Once launched, as mentioned, it will sit below the Ertiga in the lineup. However, it has been reported that it will be a premium offering. This means that the YDB MPV will be retailed via the Nexa dealerships.

Maruti Suzuki Spacia-based MPV

Coming to the design of this MPV, it will be based on the already-on-sale Suzuki Spacia from Japan. For those who may not be aware, the Spacia is a Japanese Kei car. These Kei cars are the smallest category of Japanese, expressway-legal motor vehicles.

Other important details about these Kei cars are that they have a lot of restrictions. They are manufactured with restricted dimensions and engine specifications. This helps owners in benefiting firstly from lower taxes and insurance rates.

2024 Maruti Suzuki Spacia custom

And they are also exempted from the general Japanese parking-space ownership requirement to legally buy a motor vehicle at all. This is because street parking is generally restricted in Japan.

YDB MPV design

Now coming back to the YDB MPV based on the Japanese Spacia MPV. It will boast a similar boxy exterior design. In Japan, the Spacia measures 3,395mm. However, for the Indian automotive market, it will measure under 4m.

Other details about this forthcoming MPV include that it will be a very basic vehicle. It will not come with Ottoman-like features available with the international model. It will also ditch the sliding doors. Instead, it will get standard opening doors.

Maruti Suzuki Spacia MPV interior

As for the powertrain side of things, the Spacia Kei car in Japan comes powered by a tiny engine. It is a 660cc engine. However, the YDB will not get this small engine.

Instead, it has been reported that it could be offered with the new 1.2-litre Z-Series 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine. In the 2024 Swift, which will be coming this month to India, the same engine produces 81 bhp of power and 112 Nm of torque.

Coming to the transmission options, the new fourth-generation Swift in international markets is offered with two choices. It gets a 5-speed and a CVT transmission. However, in India, the YDB MPV and the Swift will not get the CVT automatic. Instead, they will come with an AMT transmission.

Maruti Suzuki Swift coming up

maruti swift white and black dual tone

Maruti Suzuki has a few different models lined up for launch this year. Out of them, the first will be the fourth-generation Swift. It has been reported that it could be making its official debut later this month. However, the exact date has not been revealed.

The company has completely revamped the exterior design of this hatchback. It will now get a much more premium design. The interior has also been revised and it will get a new dual-tone interior with a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment screen. It will also get automatic climate control and a flat-bottom steering.

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