MG Comet EV’s Chinese Cousin Costs Just Rs. 3.6 Lakh In China: In Images

The Chinese small electric car manufacturer Zhidou has recently launched its Rainbow Mini EV in China. To the untrained eye, it may look like the cousin of the MG Comet EV that we have in India. This all-new small electric hatchback has been priced at $4,400 to $6,000 (approximately Rs 3.6-5 lakh).

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV front left

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV

This brand-new mini-electric hatchback is 3224 mm in length, 1515 mm in width, and 1630 mm tall. Meanwhile, its wheelbase measures in at 2100 mm. And just like the MG Comet, despite being tiny on the outside, it still offers a three-door and four-seat layout.

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV side

Coming to the design of the Rainbow Mini EV, there is no doubt that this electric hatchback looks cute. It gets a more rounded-off design than the Comet, which looks a little sharper. The notable design elements of the Mini EV include Big Dipper headlights, carbon fiber external mirrors, and Y-shaped LED lights.

It also gets 13-inch or 15-inch Roman shield wheel hubcaps. Also, just like the Comet, it also gets huge glasses on the side which allow for a more airy feeling inside the cabin. Meanwhile, in the rear, it gets the same Y-shaped LED taillights as the front.

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV rear

The Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV in China is available in seven exterior color options. These colors include pink, purple, brown, yellow, cyan, green, and brown.

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV Interior

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV interior

Moving to the interior of this unique-looking hatchback, it continues its minimalistic design language. It gets a cute design with a pink background, featuring a double-spoke steering wheel.

It also comes equipped with a 5-inch full LCD instrument panel, and a 9-inch infotainment screen as well. This Mini EV also gets a number of physical buttons that have been retained below the touchscreen.

Other features include mobile phone remote vehicle control, remote vehicle unlocking, remote car search, scheduled charging, OTA updates, and over 20 storage spaces. The standard trunk length is 390 mm. Additionally, the storage volume can be expanded to 1034 L by folding down the rear seats.

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV Powertrain and Battery

As for the powertrain of the Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV, it comes powered by either a 20 kW/85 Nm or a 30 kW/125 Nm electric motor. It comes paired with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack supplied by Guoxuan Hi-Tech.

Battery capacities available with the Rainbow Mini EV are 9.98 kWh, 17.18 kWh, and 17.3 kWh. These battery packs provide CLTC cruising ranges of 125 km, 205 km, and 201 km, respectively.

Zhidou Rainbow Mini EV front

Zhidou – The mini electric carmaker

For those who may not be aware, Zhidou emerged as a pioneer among Chinese brands which ventured into new energy mini-cars. Its debut model was launched back in May 2014. It was later renamed as the Zhidou D1.

Following this, the company introduced the Zhidou D2 and Zhidou D3, both featuring a distinctive three-door, two-seater configuration. However, despite its promising start, Zhidou faced challenges that led to a gradual decline in its presence within the market.

Now the company is making a comeback after a comprehensive capital strategy overhaul. Currently, the company is under the leadership of Geely’s CEO, Gan Jiayue.


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