Mumbai Indians’ Rohit Sharma Drives To IPL Stadium In Range Rover: SUV Numberplate Goes Viral

The Ambani family-owned Mumbai Indians’ former captain, Rohit Sharma, was recently seen ditching the team bus. In a short video shared on the internet, Rohit was seen arriving at Wankhede Stadium in his newly bought Range Rover. The interesting part about his new Range Rover is the number plate bearing the number “264”. This was the exact number of runs he scored against Sri Lanka back in 2014, earning him the record for the highest score in ODI cricket.

Rohit Sharma in his Range Rover

The video of Rohit Sharma arriving at Wankhede Stadium in his Range Rover has been shared on X. It has come courtesy of Nisha. In this short clip, the former Mumbai Indians team captain was seen sitting inside his newly bought Range Rover. The video also shows his record-holding score number “264” on the number plate of this swanky Range Rover.

Why was Rohit Sharma in his Range Rover?

Rohit and Hardik

Apart from Rohit Sharma, all the other players of the Mumbai Indians team were seen arriving at the stadium in the team bus. Now why exactly Rohit Sharma did not travel in the team bus has not been reported. Speculations are that it could be due to the rift between him and Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya was named the captain of Mumbai Indians before the beginning of this year’s IPL (Indian Premier League). Reports have stated that the Mumbai Indians team has been divided into two divisions because of this captaincy change. Even Mumbai Indians fans have started booing Hardik Pandya in every match so far.

Rohit Sharma’s new Range Rover

Rohit Sharma Range Rover

As mentioned above, Rohit Sharma has recently purchased this new Range Rover Autobiography LWB 3.0-liter diesel. Rohit has opted for the classy Santorini Black shade for his Range Rover and has been spotted with it on multiple occasions.

Reportedly, Rohit Sharma has paid a price of Rs 4 crore for his new Range Rover. This particular variant comes powered by a 3.0-liter inline-six diesel engine. It makes a total power output of 346 bhp and a hefty 700 Nm of torque. It comes mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and gets a four-wheel-drive system.

Significance of “264” number plate

Rohit Sharma Range Rover 3.0 264

Like we stated, the special part about this Range Rover is not its engine or its luxurious interior. Rather, it is the number plate that this particular car bears. Rohit Sharma has opted for the number “264” for this SUV.

The significance of this particular number is that he scored 264 runs in a single stint in 2014. The Indian cricket team was playing against Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. This score helped Rohit Sharma achieve the record of the highest run recorded in the history of ODI cricket.

Rohit Sharma’s car collection

rohit sharma with his lamborghini urus super suv

Apart from the newly bought Range Rover Autobiography LWB, he owns a number of other luxury cars. The list of his cars includes Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Mercedes Benz GLS SUV, and a few other cars. Previously, he also used to own a BMW M5 and a Skoda Octavia along with a Toyota Fortuner as well.

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