New Crypto IEO – Solana Meme Coin ‘Slothana’ Listing On DEX Today

Update – SLOTH can be now be traded on DEXTools here.

Even as the crypto market collapses, new tokens continue to deliver explosive returns. 

All eyes now turn to the highly anticipated launch of the Slothana meme coin, set to take place today on Wednesday at 4 PM UTC. Presale buyers will receive their tokens as an airdrop at the same time as the IEO.

🌿🚀 Hark, disciples of Slothana! 🌟 Our Lord Sloth shall grace us with the first coming of Slothana’s liquidity on the first day of May at 4pm UTC. 🕓 Most loyal participants in the presale shall be blessed with their Slothana tokens starting from this auspicious hour.But…

— Slothana (@SlothanaCoin) April 29, 2024

The new Solana meme coin has witnessed tremendous hype and FOMO since its ICO, raising over $15 million in less than a month. 

Considering that Bitcoin and other large-cap altcoins are crashing, investors are on the lookout for the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in. This provides the ideal backdrop for Slothana to explode after its launch, something several experts have predicted.

How To Prepare For The $SLOTH Crypto IEO On DEX

$SLOTH will go live on a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) today on May 1st at 4 PM UTC, after which presale participants will receive their tokens.

The Slothana project adopted a simplistic presale model, allowing investors to simply send SOL tokens to the project wallet. This eliminates any complicated procedure, including the hassle of investors claiming their presale buys. 

Instead, SLOTH tokens will be airdropped to the same wallets that buyers used to send their Solana coins. 

In a recent X post, the Slothana developer team has advised patience to all presale participants. 4 PM UTC on Wednesday is only the start of the airdrop window and it could take a while for all investors to receive their $SLOTH holdings. 

Buyers are also advised to keep up with the latest updates by following the Slothana X account. However, it is important to remember that the project has attracted the attention of malicious actors due to its hype. One of the tactics they could use to steal client funds is to create knockoff X accounts and websites. 

For instance, a now-suspended account with the handle @Sl0thanaCoin tried to scam investors, bearing a close resemblance to the original @SlothanaCoin account

Finally, a glance at DEXTools reveals that several counterfeit tokens with the Slothana ticker are currently live. 

To avoid such scams, visit the Slothana website or X account where the correct token address will be published. 

Slothana Price Prediction – Next Big Solana Meme Coin?

During the 2024 bull cycle, meme coins have outperformed every other asset class. For a few crypto whales, the meme coin investment thesis is very simple – “If it makes me laugh, I’m buying.”

It is therefore no surprise that Slothana raised over $15 million in its presale phase itself. The meme coin has a hilarious and relatable mascot – an office-going sloth who is looking to ditch the office grind and make it big in the world of crypto trading. 

As such, Slerf’s meteoric ascent has brought the spotlight on sloth-inspired tokens and Slothana could carry forward the torch. Indeed, several smart-money traders have labelled $SLOTH as Slerf’s successor. 

Additionally, rumours have been circulating that the developer team behind Slothana is the same one that’s behind the success of Smog. For the uninitiated, Smog was launched in February of this year and surged by more than 26,000% in less than a month. 

Indeed, the Smog X account has replied to Slothana’s posts on several occasions, further fueling this speculation. 

Consequently, analysts and YouTube trading experts are bullish on Slothana. According to YouTubers such as Zach Humphries, Jon Trading and Savvy Finance, Slothana could be the next 100x Solana meme coin. 


Popular YouTube channel InspireWealth has gone a step further, signalling up to 1000x potential gains after $SLOTH’s IEO.


Update – view the latest SLOTH price chart on DEXTools here.

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