New Uniswap Listing Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) Trends on DEXScreener – Best Meme Coin To Buy Now?

Dogecoin20 has officially ended its presale with its token, DOGE20, now available for claim and trading. 

In an announcement on X, Dogecoin20’s team invited all presale participants to claim their DOGE20 on the project’s website They also warned users to avoid clicking on unofficial links and ensure that they have enough ETH to cover gas fees.

DOGE20 is now live on DEXScreener, DEXTools, or directly via Uniswap, for those who wish to purchase the new meme coin or keep track of its price.

DOGE20 shared the contract address for claiming the tokens on its website. According to Etherscan, there have already been over 1,200 transactions at the time of writing. 

Meanwhile, on platforms like DEXScreener, DOGE20 became one of the top-trending cryptos.

DOGE20 has also locked liquidity for 12 months via UNCX – see here and here. 

Locking liquidity helps projects improve their total safety score. This is an important move for a new meme coin that has just launched, making it seem safer to interact with.

Dogecoin20 Price Pumps Post-Launch

In the first hour post-launch, DOGE20 price skyrocketed from $0.0001904 to $0.0003628, only for it to suffer a correction as some traders moved to take profit. 

The correction took the price down to retest the listing price, but as soon as reaching it, it already started bouncing back up.

Dogecoin20 has a fully diluted market cap of $30 million, and a 24 hour trading volume of $4 million. With its price already recovering, the demand is seemingly starting to build up.

Crypto experts on YouTube, such as Jacob Crypto Bury, who has over 37k subscribers, recently speculated that Dogecoin20 may be the next ‘100x potential crypto’. 

So far, the project has seen a 90% price boost in the first hour. While it soon dumped to retest the listing price, this came as an expected move from early buyers who sought to profit from the immediate pump. With that out of the way, Dogecoin20 now has an opportunity to see a real pump fueled by the demand that has been building up for weeks.

Furthermore, many will likely purchase the new meme coin to stake it and secure passive rewards promised in exchange for their support. 

About New Meme Coin Dogecoin20

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) is an Ethereum-based meme coin inspired by the original Dogecoin (DOGE). However, unlike the original, DOGE20 has introduced several important changes, including the support for staking – at 45% annualized yield.

Its launch on Ethereum’s network also ensures a near-zero carbon footprint. Furthermore, by limiting its total supply to 140 billion tokens, Dogecoin20 eliminated the inflation problem that DOGE suffers from as a project with an uncapped total supply.

Seen as an eco-friendly alternative to DOGE that even supports staking, DOGE20 could become the next big star of the meme coin sector.

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