Next Generation tile surface by Kaolin Surfaces

Dezeen Showroom: Australian manufacturer Kaolin Surfaces has introduced a new Next Generation finish for its stone-look tiles, replicating the texture of veins and cracks.

The Next Generation finish has a three-dimensional surface that recreates the grooves and depressions corresponding to the stone-look patterning on the tile.

Next Generation surfaces by Kaolin
Kaolin’s stone-look tiles like Breccia Aurora are now available with a Next Generation finish

The surface finish enhances the highly accurate look of Kaolin’s tiles and adds depth and dimension.

The Next Generation finish is available on all of Kaolin’s polished precious stone-inspired tiles, which include types of marble such as Breccia Aurora and the Australian Austral Dream.

Kaolin Breccia Aurora with a Next Generation surface finish
The finish replicates the 3D texture of veins and cracks

Alternatively, the tiles are available in Kaolin’s classic finishes: honed, textured honed, matt or textured matt.

The honed finish is smooth and velvety to the touch, while the textured honed finish has a leathered feel, and the matt finishes are clean and modern.

Product details:

Product: Next Generation
Brand: Kaolin
Contact: [email protected]

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