Nine radiant lights and lamps listed on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a pendant light with a shade made from plant-based leather is included in this roundup of the latest lighting designs published on Dezeen Showroom.

Other lighting fixtures that feature include a modular statement light with components made from aluminium by Moss, a series of slimline pendant lights that double as mirrors by Formagenda and table lamps by Voltra that have glass shades that reference Greek myths.

Dezeen Showroom highlights lamps and lighting designed by a wide range of internationally recognised design brands, creative studios and companies.

Cuoro pendant lights by Ceci Ferrero for Let's Pause

Couro pendant lights by Ceci Ferrero for Let’s Pause

Spanish designer Ceci Ferrero collaborated with decor brand Let’s Pause on a series of pendant lights with shades made out of the dried fronds of American palm trees.

Couro pendant lights have a deep brown colouration thanks to their natural origins and are held together by an internal aluminium frame.

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Dune light by Moss

Dune light by Moss

The shifting faces of sand dunes informed the shape of this modular statement light by German lighting brand Moss.

The Dune light’s components are made of lightweight aluminium and are joined via slim connectors, allowing for a range of bespoke forms to be created.

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Photo of the Wave II pendant lights by Curiousa hanging above a table

Wave II pendant lighting collection by Curiousa

British lighting design company Curiousa has released a candy-coloured iteration of its signature modular lamp that is formed out of hand-blown glass segments.

Wave II contains both transparent and translucent components, which can be combined with metal and wooden discs as well as playful tassels to create bespoke fixtures.

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A selection of glass lamps

Hemera lamp by Voltra

Lighting brand Voltra has designed a trio of table lamps that reference ancient Greek mythological tales.

Hemera lamps are characterised by their glass shades, which comprise two concentric glazed domes – the outer of which is clear, while the inner is grey.

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Curve Cluster light by Zero Lighting

Curve Cluster chandelier by Front for Zero Lighting

Swedish design duo Front collaborated with lighting brand Zero Lighting on a collection of pendant lamps that feature a branching, tree-like frame.

The Curve Cluster chandelier comes in a selection of bulb options and colourways and is designed to be hung either in a cluster or solo.

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Bubbles lighting by Brand van Egmond

Bubbles lighting collection by Brand van Egmond

Dutch lighting company Brand van Egmond has created a dynamic collection of chandeliers that mimic the appearance of bubbles.

Pieces in the Bubbles lighting collection have hidden lighting elements within some of the glass bubble forms, emulating a soft glow.

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LLLL.08 lamp by Sarah Dehandschutter for LLLL

LLLL.08 lamp by Sarah Dehandschutter for LLLL

Lighting designer Sarah Dehandschutter has created a lamp for her brand LLLL that has a distinctive wave-like shape animated by the use of contrasting materials.

LLLL.08 comprises an aluminium frame with polyester fabric stretched across it. Concealed LED strip lighting washes a warm glow across the material.

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Mirror lighting collection by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda

Mirror lighting collection by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda

German designer Benjamin Hopf designed the Mirror lighting collection for lighting design company Formagenda to be suspended from fine wires.

The range comprises three colourways and three sizes, which can be hung in groups or on their own.

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Port lighting by Tom Fereday for Rakumba

Port lighting by Tom Fereday for Rakumba

Australian designer Tom Fereday worked closely with lighting brand Rakumba on a collection of blocky mood lights that comprise a slimline metal base and a smooth glass block.

Port lighting consists of a table and wall light in either lozenge-shaped or round formats. Both iterations include an internal stepped glass inclusion that can be flipped over to change how the light is refracted.

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