Nuklai Announces $NAI Token Listing on MEXC and, IDOs Sold Out in Minutes

Nuklai, a Layer 1 blockchain infrastructure that enhances data ecosystems for AI advancements, has announced the upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) and multiple listings for its native token, $NAI.

The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) took place on prominent platforms, including ChainGPT Pad, Ape Terminal, and WePad, starting from April 15th to 16th. Showcasing robust demand, the $NAI token sold out on ChainGPT in under 20 seconds and on Ape Termina in under 10 minutes. The token is priced at $0.003, aiming for an initial market capitalization of $3 million, with a total supply of 10 billion $NAI tokens.

Following the IDO, Nuklai plans to extend its token’s reach by launching on several centralized exchanges. The token already launched on Startup on April 15, with an allocation of 13,333,334 $NAI tokens specifically for this platform. It will also start trading on MEXC on April 17th with the $NAI/USDT trading pair. 

Nuklai stands out in the blockchain space as a crucial infrastructure provider that empowers next-generation AI through its marketplace, end-to-end distributed infrastructure, and smart data ecosystem. The marketplace is designed to leverage untapped data, enabling new revenue streams and unifying the fragmented data landscape to improve processes and foster new business opportunities.

Recently, the project was operational on the Ape Terminal, successfully onboarding over 30 companies, including prominent names like and SSA Group. This rapid adoption underscores Nuklai’s position as a leading Layer 1 solution for AI, with contributions from 1.5k data professionals,data from 4K VCs and 2.5M organizations, and the acquisition of over 250k GPUs ahead of the token’s public launch.

Nuklai addresses a fundamental challenge enterprises face today: the vast amounts of unused data scattered across various sources, some of them created decades apart. To stay competitive and harness the power of AI for innovation, enterprises require a robust mechanism to aggregate and optimize this data. Nuklai’s platform transforms raw data into what it terms ‘smart data’—data that is uniform in format and ‘contextualized’ to increase its utility in AI applications.

The process Nuklai employs involves three steps:

  • Generalization of enterprise data, formatting it, and cataloging it to establish a standardized foundation.

  • Enabling internal organizational members and external contributors from Nuklai’s community to enhance this data through contextualization, adding layers of metadata that enrich the data’s value.

  • Supplying enterprises with this deeply contextualized smart data which can then be used to train AI models for innovation or monetization.

This approach supports the training of large language models (LLMs) and also taps into the growing market for AI and LLM smart data training, which is estimated to be worth around USD 4.35 billion in 2023.

“Everyone keeps saying that data is the new oil, but data really already is our oxygen. It’s not because of its price potential, we just cannot live without it anymore.”, says Matthijs de Vries, the founder of Nuklai. “What is the new oil then? From our perspective, it’s metadata. But it’s not worth much on its own, like crude oil. It needs to be refined first. Hence, anyone can contribute to metadata in Nuklai’s ecosystem to enhance it.”

He continued:

“Enterprises are essentially data-rich but insight-poor, struggling with vast reserves of underutilized data. At Nuklai, we’re addressing this challenge head-on by transforming isolated data into ‘smart data’. Nuklai’s infrastructure is based on specialized clusters where smart data can train AI models, combine with other smart data, create private data networks for companies in the same sector, monetize data sources, and much more.”, says Matthijs de Vries, the founder of Nuklai. “Our upcoming $NAI token launch is an important step towards creating new utilities for all sorts of data, benefiting all types of industry sectors.” 

With the launch of its own blockchain, Nuklai aims to further simplify the process of data sharing, contributor participation, and distributed computing necessary for AI training. The network is built on a dual-layer architecture: a settlement layer that receives data pipelines and workflows and utilizes transaction execution and a computing layer dedicated to AI training and data processing. This is supported by an ‘Edit to Earn’ (E2E) model, which incentivizes the continuous development of smart data by rewarding contributors.

The project recently launched its first public campaign, the Bitcoin Sentiment Research. The campaign offered individuals up to 1 BTC in reward to create a crowdsourced dataset and submit their Bitcoin price predictions for at least five days. 

Nuklai is also planning to launch a large-scale incentivization program, where early active users on the network’s testnet will be eligible for additional rewards. Users can become eligible for this campaign by exploring different functionalities on the testnet, such as creating community datasets, subscribing to different datasets, and learning other functionalities. 

Nuklai has already gained significant traction in the market ahead of its TGE. Recently, the project announced a partnership with AI-driven DePIN Brainstems, which will be the first enterprise builder on the network. Brainstems already serves major enterprises like Nestle and Danone, who will soon benefit from the Nuklai ecosystem. The project has also received endorsement from key opinion leaders in the crypto media space, including CryptoWizard, Cyclop, and Mitch Kapor, the CEO of blockchain-focused funding database Kapo Capital

The forthcoming TGE and listings on various launchpads mark a major milestone for Nuklai as it continues to build and expand its ecosystem, positioning itself at the forefront of the intriguing developments in data-driven AI systems. 

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