PropStream Announces New AI Features

PropStream’s President Brian Tepfer has announced the company has upgraded its data sets, utilizing the power of Predictive Real Estate Data to pave the way for new features and proprietary AI predictive analytics.

Listed new features include:

  • Enhanced valuation modeling
  • Localized demographic data 
  • New lead lists
  • Photo AI insights
  • AI predictive property scores

“Coverage, speed, and accuracy are the most important factors for real estate professionals who need data to make informed and timely decisions to find the best leads. That is why I’m excited to announce that PropStream’s technology and data teams are paving the way with an AI-supported platform that unlocks a wealth of possibilities for our customers,” said Tepfer.

Tepfer continued, “We’ve expanded our data partnerships and upgraded our infrastructure to support additional features, ensuring data is seamlessly and simply integrated as soon as it becomes available. The data is beautifully displayed with our new UX/UI enhancements. We are thrilled about the amazing lineup of upcoming AI-powered tools to streamline how to find your leads and use data.”

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