Questions to Ask a REALTOR® When Getting Divorced

Divorce can be challenging and emotional, and one of the significant decisions couples often face is selling their house.

Selling a house during divorce can complicate an already difficult situation. That’s where hiring a REALTOR® with divorce experience comes in.

Divorcing couples can navigate the home-selling process far more efficiently with a pro in their corner.

In this situation, asking the right questions is essential to choosing the right REALTOR® for your needs.

Having been a REALTOR® for thirty-eight years representing divorcing couples, I know that choosing the right agent is crucial. With so much on the line, it pays to conduct a thorough interview process.

It is typically best for spouses to hire an agent not connected with one of the parties. You don’t want any favoritism paid in the process.

Property division, including the house, becomes crucial. You’ll want someone who will maximize the process to your best advantage.

Here are some key questions when hiring a divorce real estate agent.

What experience do you have in selling homes during divorce?

Hiring a REALTOR® with specific experience handling real estate transactions during a divorce is vital. Selling a home in a divorce involves unique legal and emotional considerations that a divorce REALTOR® should be well-versed in.

Ask about their track record and success rate in helping divorcing couples sell their homes. Get a list of specific properties. Even better is asking for contact information for former clients.

Get feedback on their performance.

How will you handle communication between both parties?

Divorce can often result in strained communication between spouses. Finding a real estate agent who can effectively navigate this dynamic and facilitate open and transparent communication between both parties is crucial.

Ask how they plan to handle communication and ensure that both spouses are informed.

Can you provide references from previous clients who have gone through a divorce?

As mentioned, talking to previous clients who have been through a similar situation can give you valuable insights into how the REALTOR® handled the process.

Request references specifically from divorcing couples they have worked with and ask about their experiences and overall satisfaction.

Closing a house will be a breeze when you have suitable representation.

What strategies will you use to sell the home quickly and at the best price?

Selling a home during divorce often requires a quick sale to settle financial matters. Ask the REALTOR® about their marketing strategies. How will they attract potential buyers quickly?

Inquire about their pricing strategy to ensure you receive the best possible price for your home in the current market conditions.

Ensure you get a comprehensive market analysis that makes sense. If you’ve never sold before, understanding accurate pricing becomes even more crucial.

An improper asking price is one of the most common home-selling mistakes.

Are you familiar with local divorce laws and regulations?

Divorce laws and regulations can vary by jurisdiction. Hiring a REALTOR® familiar with the specific laws in your area is essential.

They should know any legal requirements or implications related to selling properties during marital separation and be able to guide you accordingly.

How will you handle potential disputes or disagreements between spouses?

Divorcing couples may have differing opinions and conflicting interests during the home-selling process.

Ask the REALTOR® how they plan to handle potential disputes and disagreements that may arise. Look for a REALTOR® skilled in negotiation and mediation to ensure a smooth transaction.

What Is your commission structure, and are there any additional fees?

It’s essential to discuss the financial aspects upfront. Inquire about the REALTOR®’s commission structure and any additional fees you may be responsible for.

Understand the terms of the listing agreement. Ensure that you are comfortable with the financial arrangements before proceeding.

Can you recommend other professionals who specialize in divorce-related services?

Selling a house often involves other professionals, such as divorce attorneys or financial advisors. A knowledgeable divorce REALTOR® should be able to recommend these additional services.

A network of trusted professionals can streamline the process and ensure you have the necessary support.

What Is your timeline for selling a home during divorce?

Understanding the expected timeline is crucial, especially if time constraints are involved. Ask the REALTOR® for their estimated timeline for selling the home and how they plan to meet any deadlines you may have.

This information will help you plan your next steps accordingly.

How will you prioritize confidentiality and privacy during the process?

Divorce can be private, and working with a REALTOR® who respects your confidentiality and privacy is essential. Inquire about their handling of sensitive information.

How will they protect your details throughout the home-selling process?

Final thoughts

Selling a home during a divorce is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. By asking these critical questions to a potential divorce REALTOR®, you can make an informed choice and ensure a smoother transition during this challenging time.

With an excellent experience, you might consider buying a home with the same agent.

Remember to prioritize experience, communication and expertise in handling divorce-related real estate transactions when selecting a REALTOR® to guide you through the process.

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