Sala chair by Natthorn Uliss for Ülii Design Studio

Dezeen Showroom: furniture brand Ülii Design Studio worked with designer Natthorn Uliss to create a chair made from wood. The design is informed by elements found in Thai residential architecture.

Sala chairs are available in three types of wood – Mahogany, Oak or Beech – and are characterised by their expansive side panels, which display the natural details and grain of the timber.

Sala chair by Natthorn Uliss for Ülii
Sala chairs are available in Oak, Beech or Mahogany

The construction of the chair aims to demonstrate the precision and skill of Thai craftspeople. The two corners that make up the front of the seat feature three converging wooden elements, a scaled-down motif found in classical Thai home construction.

“Ülii Design Studio decided to explore the characteristics of Thai-style residences in various places all over Thailand, including details such as joinery, material, furniture, lighting, and shading,” said Ülii Design Studio. “We found out there are many interesting architectural characteristics that could be transformed into iconic furniture design.”

Sala chair by Natthorn Uliss for Ülii
Each piece is handmade by artisans

“[The Sala chair] may not exude the machine-like precision of mass-produced items; rather, it radiates the warmth of the human touch, exemplifying the authentic identity of each Ülii piece,” the brand continued.

Woven paper cord makes up the seat – this can be specified to either match the frame of the chair or create contrast.

Product details:

Product: Sala chair
Designer: Natthorn Uliss
Brand: Ülii Design Studio
Contact: [email protected]

Materials: Mahogany, Oak or Beech
Colours/finishes: Mahogany, Oak, Beech or black
Dimensions: 560 x 542 x 824 millimetres

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