Scorpio-N Steering Fails On Highway: Owner And Family Have Near Miss

The Mahindra Scorpio N is one of the most popular SUVs currently on sale in India. The SUV was launched in the market last year and quickly gained popularity among buyers for various reasons, including the price. We have come across several incidents in the past where Scorpio N owners have reported issues with their vehicles. Here, we have a video showing the steering wheel of a Mahindra Scorpio N failing while the owner was driving on a highway with his family.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel, and the incident occurred somewhere in Gujarat. The owner of the Scorpio N was traveling with his family on a highway, heading to visit a temple. As they were driving, the SUV was maintaining a speed of over 80 kmph when suddenly the steering failed.

The driver of the SUV remained calm and managed to bring the vehicle to a stop before it could crash into any other vehicles. The SUV did veer onto the median before coming to a stop. The SUV owner was fortunate that the vehicle did not cross the median and end up on the other side of the road, where the chances of another vehicle crashing into the Scorpio N would have been high.

The driver was able to put the car in reverse and bring it back onto the road. However, the steering wheel of the SUV was unresponsive. In the video shared by the owner, we can see him turning the steering wheel left and right, but the wheels were not turning. This situation was extremely dangerous, and the owner was lucky to escape unhurt.

Scorpio N steering failed
Scorpio N steering failed

The owner mentioned that this is a brand-new car and has only traveled around 270 km. Upon inspection, it was revealed that the fasteners holding the steering joints in place were missing or had become loose. The customer was extremely disappointed, considering it was a brand-new car.

When the customer inquired, the dealership agreed to support the customer and even agreed to refund the complete amount for the vehicle. The dealership closed the loan and planned to refund the remaining amount to the customer, along with the amount paid for accessories and seat covers. They even offered the customer a free upgrade to the Z8 L from the Z6 variant that the customer was using.

The customer instructed the dealership not to perform any work on the SUV until the settlement was completed. However, the dealership repaired the steering and brought the vehicle back to the dealership. The technical team could not find any particular reason for the fasteners to become loose or go missing.

Mahindra stated in their report that they inspect all their vehicles thoroughly before dispatching them to dealerships after all quality inspections. It is not clear whether the customer received all his money from the dealer. This is not the first time we have come across a case like this.

Last year, a Mahindra Scorpio N customer shared that the suspension of his 2-week-old Scorpio N broke while driving the car. We also came across a report where a 2-month-old Scorpio N broke down multiple times, and the frustrated owner used it to carry cow dung.

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