Selenite Maximum tile collection by Fiandre

Dezeen Showroom: named after a crystalline mineral, the Selenite Maximum tile collection by Italian brand Fiandre Architectural Surfaces brings an iridescent quality to interiors.

The Selenite Maximum collection references selenite, a variety of gypsum known for its transparent crystals, which led the ancient Greeks to dub it ‘moon stone’.

Selenite Maximum tile collection by Fiandre
Selenite Maximum is based on a crystalline stone

In Fiandre’s interpretation, crafted in high-performance porcelain stoneware, these rich internal structures are rendered in three colours: black, white and greige.

The brand says the tiles bring a “prestigious touch” to walls, floors and structures, while generating “a sense of spatial and spiritual renewal”.

Selenite Maximum tile collection by Fiandre
The colour options include a greige

The range comes in several formats as well as a new Jewel finish that Fiandre describes as combining glassiness and iridescence to create a luxuriant stone effect with silvery reflections.

The Selenite Maximum collection also delivers on the high-performance qualities of ceramic tile, boasting durability, mechanical strength, resistance to chemicals and easy cleaning.

Product details: Selenite Maximum
Brand: Fiandre
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