Students and Teachers Cleary Prefer Education-Specific AI As School Hack Crosses 3 Million Users Globally

As the rise of AI in daily use increases, one specific project has made a solid position in the education sector, thanks to its custom AI that adapts to each user’s knowledge absorption profile. Paired with world-class educational aids, School Hack’s popularity is evident with more than 3 million users that depend on it on a daily basis.

Adaptable Learning Experience For All

School Hack has become famous for its custom teaching AI, which uses advanced features such as multiple language models and fine-tuned for knowledge seekers. Using these, School Hack allows students, teachers, and other educational seekers to access user-centric learning models. These are customized for each individual as the AI takes into account the subjects, level of expertise, and learning curve.

This means that each student receives personalized attention, aimed toward maximum effectiveness. This way School Hacks breaks the traditional teaching methodologies such as pedagogy where teachers and faculty are forced to create a single pace for the whole class.

Likewise, School Hack also helps faculty and educational professionals, aiding them in preparing the right content for their students.

Students and faculty can use any of its services, each aimed toward a specific target:

• Knowledge Tool: Ask questions as if in a class and get the right answers, broken down for easy understanding or at an advanced level for gaining deeper insights.
• AI Students Group: Depart from the traditional pedagogy and use andragogy. Meet like-minded students, helping each other to learn.
• Plagiarism Checker: Access the most advanced repository of scholarly articles to compare and make sure your written piece is original.
• Paraphrasing Tool: Break down language barriers to express knowledge in your own words without the wording being influenced by your research materials.

Active and running, School Hack has more than 3 million students and teachers who depend on its advanced education-specific AI model to aid them. School Hack has also achieved a major milestone, with 500,000+ queries daily questions asked.

School Hack’s services have been applauded as it has become a part of the Microsoft Founders Hub.

When AI Meets Blockchain: SHC Token

School Hack believes in using the most advanced technologies to elevate the educational learning experience. It fuses AI and blockchain to achieve a democratic environment, reducing entry barriers and enabling a free flow of knowledge.

As a blockchain-based AI project, School Hack is prepping up for launching its SHC token, a SPL-20 standard. The use of Solana blockchain over the traditional Ethereum network as the former offers cheaper and faster data transfer, further easing access to its services.

The SHC token is going through an airdrop, with the final distribution set for the 20th of May. Participation in the airdrop is as simple as registering on the platform and talking about its SHC token on X. Each tweet grants points, which will be converted to SHC tokens when the airdrop is executed.

With SHC, token holders gain premium access to School Hack’s personalized AI assistant and even staking.

About School Hack Team

The School Hack is the culmination of its founders as they sit at the crossroads of education and blockchain. With 9+ years in the education sector and a crypto enthusiast for the past 6 years, Youssef Youssef is a medical professional and one of the youngest presidents of a medical association in the UAE. Muhammed Khalid is an AI expert and enthusiast. He brings almost a dozen years of crypto exposure. Kayaan Unwalla is a professional M&A lawyer who concentrates on the tech sector. He also helps a UAE minister as a senior advisor.

With a dedicated staff of 15+ experts, the Dubai-based School Hack is set to redefine what it means to gain an education in the modern world.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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