Team Tactics: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Team Meetings

When you work on a team, meetings are an important part of your toolkit to succeed. They serve as a way to bring teammates together for idea-sharing, knowledge gathering, relationship building and to make critical decisions. But it’s imperative that your meetings have structure and purpose in order to make them beneficial for your business and not just a time-suck. Consider the following tips on creating the most productive meetings. 

Hold the meetings in person

Zoom is a convenience, but during meetings, it creates an extra layer of distance between you and your teammates. That makes it harder for conversations to flow and easier for minds to wander. If you want to make the most out of your team meetings, hold them in person. If you’re the team leader, stress to your team why in-person meetings are better instead of just making in-person attendance mandatory; doing so could get the meeting off on the bad foot. 

Stage buyer consultation workshops

In the wake of the class-action lawsuits centering on buyer-broker commission rules, many buyers agents are wondering how they will be compensated. Rather than a built-in commission split, you may need to have more detailed conversations with clients about compensation options.

If you aren’t practiced in this, then hold team workshops in which you and your teammates roleplay as a buyer’s agent and a client having such a consultation. Acting out both sides of the conversation will prepare you and give you insight into your clients’ point of view and what questions they might have.

Business strategy summits 

On the same topic, since many buyers’ agents may have new concerns about how to operate their business in a post-Burnett world, consult with each other and find out what’s working. Your team can set up regular strategy meetings where you tally your individual successes and see what’s working. You can also share experience in talking to clients and explain the new commission rules.

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