"That roof structure looks delicious" says commenter

In this week’s comments update, readers are discussing a rammed-earth public toilet in Japan designed by local studio Tono Mirai Architects.

Called Toiletowa, the curving structure is located in a park in Saitama and has a wooden frame covered with rammed earth that was made from soil sourced from construction sites.

Toiletowa rammed earth toilet amongst trees
Tono Mirai Architects enclosed a toilet in a Japanese park with rammed earth

“That roof structure looks delicious”

Commenter Henry asked if Toiletowa is “the most beautiful public loo in the world? Probably”.

Sharad Majumdar concurred with Henry’s assessment, writing “looks gorgeous, and the use of recycled materials is a plus”.

“Excellent project – goes to show rammed earth can be used in a number of ways,” praised Souji. Meanwhile, Jb thought “that roof structure looks delicious.”

However, not all commenters were convinced. Marius raised the point that “although the sense of a right to privacy is foreign and less important to Japanese society than it is in Western societies, I wonder about some of the vision lines.”

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Family home in Hawaii with gabled roof
Hawaii house by Walker Warner Architects designed to be “elegant but spare”

“Beautifully designed and crafted”

Another story that piqued readers’ interests this week was a family retreat with simple gabled forms on the island of Hawaii, completed by American studio Walker Warner Architects.

“Probably the best house we’ll see all month,” proposed JZ.

Alfred Hitchcock thought the dwelling “beautifully designed and crafted”, while Steve Hassler agreed it is “really very beautiful”.

For Chris, “a couple of interior finishes are not quite there for me, but hard to argue with the overall composition”.

However, commenter Paris contested that “to be truly elegant, they could have pushed for even more spareness by not building a house that will sit empty most of the time while Hawaii is in the midst of a housing crisis”.

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Exterior of rowing club with boat entering water
Henning Larsen sets timber Klaksvík Row Club next to Faroe Islands fjord

“This is a triumph” 

Commenters also reacted to a rowing club defined by a sloping green roof and timber structure in the Faroe Islands, designed by global architecture studio Henning Larsen to celebrate the area’s sports heritage.

Jb wasn’t impressed, writing “and here is your generic modernist’s typically ham-fisted response to context”.

Others were more admiring. “Stunning, such a great sense of place,” commented Charlie Bing.

Souji was also a fan, stating: “I especially like the green roofs. In this context they are appropriate.”

“This is a triumph,” declared Smorgasbord.

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