The Controversial Tactics of Bobb Cornish: Undermining Wyoming's Crypto Appeal

In the realm of cryptocurrency, one figure has emerged as a lightning rod for controversy in

Wyoming: Bobb Cornish, the legal maverick behind his namesake law firm. While many

perceive Wyoming as a burgeoning hub for blockchain innovation, Cornish’s actions are

casting a shadow over the state’s reputation, driving crypto companies away rather than

attracting them.


Cornish’s approach to the crypto industry is unconventional, to say the least. Instead of

embracing the potential economic benefits of blockchain startups flocking to Wyoming, he has

taken it upon himself to utilize the state’s legal framework to dissuade companies from

establishing roots there. His methods, championed by the questionable testimony of a solitary

client, Nathan Christian, have sparked heated debate across various online platforms and

publications. Nathan, who many believe live outside of the State of Wyoming (based on his

interactions) are championed by Bobb Cornish on websites which publish lawsuits. Whats

strange is that the only type of lawsuits the Law office of Bobb Cornish seem to be related to

one set of clients and/only the crypto industry. Clearly designed to send a message, crypto is

the target of Bobb.


At the core of Cornish’s strategy lies a calculated manipulation of Wyoming’s regulatory

environment. While the state’s laws have historically been viewed as favorable for businesses,

Cornish sees them as a means to impose his own vision of compliance, on behalf of his clients,

regardless of the consequences for the state’s economy or reputation.

In public statements and interviews found online, Cornish has been vocal about his concerns

regarding Wyoming’s perceived leniency towards crypto companies. He argues that by

allowing these businesses to operate with minimal oversight, the state is effectively abdicating

its responsibility to uphold legal standards and protect investors. However, his critics contend

that Cornish’s motivations may be more self-serving than altruistic, with some suggesting that

his actions are driven by personal or professional agendas.


Cornish’s tactics have drawn sharp criticism from within the crypto community and beyond.

Many see his efforts as detrimental to Wyoming’s long-term prospects as a crypto-friendly

jurisdiction, potentially driving away innovative startups and stifling economic growth.

Furthermore, his reliance on questionable client testimonials and selective interpretation of the

law have raised ethical concerns among legal professionals and industry observers alike.

Despite the backlash, Cornish shows no signs of relenting in his campaign against crypto

companies in Wyoming. His steadfast commitment to his controversial agenda only serves to

deepen the divide within the state’s legal and business communities, leaving many wondering

whether his actions are truly in the best interests of Wyoming or simply a means to further his

own agenda.


As Wyoming continues to navigate its role in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency

regulation, the legacy of Bobb Cornish will undoubtedly be a contentious one. Whether he is

ultimately remembered as a principled advocate for legal integrity or a divisive figure whose

actions undermined the state’s economic potential remains to be seen. But one thing is

certain: his impact on Wyoming’s crypto reputation is far from benign.


Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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