Tom Brady roast features ex-Patriots coach Bill Belichick joking over Birmingham City relegation: 'They suck'


It was all about the former New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who stole the show at the Netflix ‘Roast of Tom Brady’ on Sunday night. The former head coach made an appearance and, in among the many hilarious shots he took at his former star quarterback, surprised many when he referred to the relegation of Birmingham City, the English side that relegated to the League One, where Brady is co-owner of the club. 

After a brief and entertaining introduction, Belichick turned to Brady and said: “For those not familiar with English football… let me put it in English for you: they suck. Not so easy running a team, is it Tom?”

Belichick the concluded: “For all of you out there that think about who’s responsible for the Patriots’ success during the time Tom and I were there. Was it Brady? Was it me? Was it Brady? Was it me? In reality, the truth of the matter is it was both of us —because of me.”

NFL legend Brady became a minority owner of Birmingham City in 2023. The seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback has entered into a partnership with Birmingham’s owners, Knighthead Capital Management LLC, and also became a chairman of the advisory board at the club. Brady retired from NFL in February 2023 after 23 seasons where he won the Super Bowl seven times. 

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