Top 10 Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India with Price and Specifications

The sub-1 lakh segment is a crucial and highly competitive part of the Indian two-wheeler market. Offering an appealing blend of affordability, performance, and fuel efficiency, bikes in this price range attract a wide demographic from students to commuters. This article examines the top 10 bikes under 1 lakh in India based on the latest 2023 reviews and comparisons.

Hero HF Deluxe
Hero HF Deluxe

Product Details

  1. Hero HF Deluxe (Starting at ₹61,895): Known for reliability and 97.2cc engine. Simple, elegant design.
  2. TVS Sport (₹61,602 – ₹69,090): Incredible 70 km/l mileage. Lightweight and easy to handle.
  3. Honda CD 110 Dream (₹73,420): Robust 109cc engine, 74 km/l mileage. Sturdy, no-nonsense design.
  4. TVS Star City Plus (₹74,659 – ₹80,656): Vibrant graphics, sporty design. 109.7cc EcoThrust engine.
  5. Bajaj Pulsar 125 (₹82,712 – ₹94,593): Sporty looks and peppy 125cc DTS-i engine. Fuel efficient.
  6. Hero Glamour (₹82,850 – ₹86,850): Stylish design, Auto Sail tech. Good blend of style and performance.
  7. Honda SP 125 (₹86,747): Powerful 125cc with great mileage. LED headlamps, digital cluster.
  8. TVS Raider 125 (₹97,054 – ₹1,06,573): Sleek design, efficient engine. Digital console, Bluetooth.
  9. Suzuki Access 125 (₹92,990 – ₹1.08 Lakh): 124cc scooter with long seat, storage, easy ergonomics.
  10. Hero Xtreme 125R (₹96,792): 125cc adventure bike with single-channel ABS. Thrilling ride.
6bajaj Pulsar 125
Bajaj Pulsar 125

Strategic Positioning

Each bike targets a specific demographic and has a unique value proposition:

  • The HF Deluxe and CD 110 Dream prioritize practicality and reliability for commuters.
  • The Star City Plus and Glamour balance style and performance for image-conscious riders.
  • The SP 125 and Raider 125 pack in features and performance for discerning 125cc buyers.
  • The Pulsar 125 brings Pulsar thrills to a budget. The Xtreme 125R targets entry-level adventurers.
  • The Access 125 is for practical scooter buyers wanting comfort, convenience, and space.
2019 Honda Cd 110 Dream Dx Cbs
Honda CD110 Dream

Competitive Market Analysis

Compared to rivals, the TVS Sport and Honda CD 110 Dream have class-leading mileage. The SP 125 matches the KTM 125 Duke on performance while undercutting it on price. The Pulsar 125 and Glamour hold their own against the Honda CB Shine and Hero Super Splendor. The Suzuki Access 125 remains a popular pick in its segment against the Honda Activa 125 and Hero Destini 125.

Suzuki Access 125
Suzuki Access 125

Technology and Safety

Many of these bikes come with modern tech like digital instrument clusters, LED lighting, fuel injection and Bluetooth connectivity. The Pulsar 125, SP 125 and Xtreme 125R provide valuable safety with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS).

Hero Xtreme 125R
Hero Xtreme 125R

Fuel Efficiency and Environment

Most of the motorcycles return healthy mileage figures between 65-75 km/l, with the TVS Sport and Honda CD 110 Dream being especially frugal. All these bikes are BS6 compliant, meeting the latest emission norms.


In summary, the sub-1 lakh segment offers something for everyone. Commuter favorites like the HF Deluxe, CD 110 Dream and Star City Plus deliver on the basics. The Glamour, SP 125, Raider and Pulsar let style-conscious riders make a statement. For more power, the 125cc bikes like the SP 125, Raider and Pulsar 125 punch above their price class. Scooter buyers desiring space and comfort can look to the Suzuki Access 125.

TVS Raider 125
TVS Raider 125

Ultimately, the TVS Raider 125 comes across as the most well-rounded package under 1 lakh. It hits the sweet spot between performance, features, technology and value. However, each of the other contenders also have unique strengths that could make them the right pick depending on individual preferences and priorities.

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