Top Bikes in 125-150cc Motorcycle Segment: A Comprehensive Review

The 125-150cc motorcycle segment in India is a crucial market catering to a wide range of riders, from daily commuters to performance enthusiasts. This category offers a balance of power, fuel efficiency, and advanced features. In this article, we take a closer look at five top contenders: Yamaha FZS Fi V4, Yamaha FZ X, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Pulsar P150, and Bajaj Pulsar N150.

Product Details:

1. Yamaha FZS Fi V4

Yamaha FZS Fi V4

  • Price: ₹1,29,780 (Ex-showroom)
  • Key Specs: 149cc engine, 12.2 bhp @ 7250 rpm, 50 kmpl fuel efficiency
  • Unique Features: Muscular design, LED headlight, single-channel ABS, Bluetooth connectivity

2. Yamaha FZ X

Yamaha FZ X

  • Price: ₹1,36,000 (Ex-showroom)
  • Key Specs: 149cc BS6 engine, 12.4 PS @ 7250 rpm, 48 kmpl fuel efficiency
  • Unique Features: Neo-retro design, LED lighting, digital instrumentation, Bluetooth connectivity

3. Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bajaj Pulsar 150

  • Price: ₹1,05,884 (Ex-showroom)
  • Key Specs: 149cc engine, 14 bhp, 65 kmpl fuel efficiency
  • Unique Features: Robust design, sporty appeal, single-channel ABS

4. Bajaj Pulsar P150

Bajaj Pulsar P150

  • Price: ₹1,17,202 (Ex-showroom)
  • Key Specs: 149.68cc engine, enhanced performance, impressive fuel efficiency
  • Unique Features: Fresh design language, ergonomic seating, ABS

5. Bajaj Pulsar N150

Bajaj Pulsar N150

  • Price: ₹1,18,441 (Ex-showroom)
  • Key Specs: 149.68cc engine, 14.3 bhp @ 8500 rpm, 47.5 kmpl fuel efficiency
  • Unique Features: Aggressive styling, sporty silhouette, single-channel ABS

Strategic Positioning:

Yamaha positions its FZS Fi V4 and FZ X models as stylish, performance-oriented bikes with modern connectivity features, targeting young, tech-savvy riders. The FZS Fi V4’s muscular design appeals to those seeking an aggressive look, while the FZ X’s neo-retro styling caters to riders who appreciate classic aesthetics with contemporary features.

Bajaj’s Pulsar series is known for its sporty design and robust performance. The Pulsar 150, with its fuel efficiency and distinctive appearance, targets commuters and enthusiasts alike. The Pulsar P150 and N150, with their fresh design language and enhanced performance, aim to attract younger riders looking for style and power.

Competitive Market Analysis:

In terms of pricing, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the most affordable option, followed by the Pulsar P150 and N150. Yamaha’s offerings, the FZS Fi V4 and FZ X, are priced higher, reflecting their premium features and brand positioning.

When comparing performance, the Bajaj Pulsar N150 leads with 14.3 bhp, followed closely by the Pulsar 150 at 14 bhp. Yamaha’s models offer slightly lower power outputs but make up for it with their refined engines and smooth ride quality.

Fuel efficiency is a key consideration for Indian buyers. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 stands out with an impressive 65 kmpl, while the Yamaha FZS Fi V4 and FZ X offer a respectable 50 kmpl and 48 kmpl, respectively.

Market trends indicate a growing preference for bikes with modern features and safety equipment. Yamaha’s offerings, with their Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration, cater to this demand. Bajaj’s inclusion of ABS across its Pulsar range showcases its commitment to rider safety.


The 125-150cc motorcycle segment in India offers a diverse range of options, each with its unique strengths. Yamaha’s FZS Fi V4 and FZ X provide a blend of style, performance, and modern connectivity features, making them attractive choices for tech-savvy riders. Bajaj’s Pulsar series, particularly the Pulsar 150, Pulsar P150, and Pulsar N150, deliver on performance, fuel efficiency, and sporty design, catering to a wide audience.

Ultimately, the best pick depends on individual preferences and requirements. Commuters prioritizing fuel efficiency may lean towards the Bajaj Pulsar 150, while those seeking modern features and premium styling may opt for Yamaha’s offerings. The Pulsar P150 and N150 strike a balance between performance and style, making them appealing to younger riders.

As the 125-150cc segment continues to evolve, we can expect further advancements in technology, safety features, and design. With rising fuel prices and increasing environmental concerns, fuel efficiency will remain a critical factor in consumer decision-making. Manufacturers that can offer a compelling combination of performance, style, and economy are likely to stay ahead in this competitive market.

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